Traveling Nurse Salary

Earning a traveling nurse’s salary is becoming more popular every day. The healthcare industry grows at a fast pace and holds many great opportunities. Travel nursing appeals to many who love to learn and love traveling as well.

There are many hospitals all across the country that are short on their nursing staff. This country has suffered from a nursing shortage for quite a few years now. This opens up many opportunities for those nurses willing to travel. As a traveling nurse you would travel to various places to fill these positions for short-term assignments.

There are benefits to earning a traveling nurse’s salary filling these shortage positions. One is that you get to visit a new place you have never been. Another is that many times you will have the option to stay on permanently. So if you find a place you would like to live, you can already have a job there. You would just need to move.

This is also one of the best-paying nursing jobs. A traveling nurse’s salary is good, and the travel can be very exciting. You can learn new techniques and further your career. It also carries many excellent benefits.

Benefits to Being a Traveling Nurse

The benefits of becoming a traveling nurse are many. One is the free, furnished housing you get to enjoy. With free housing and no rent, you get to keep more of your paycheck. You also get great appliances to use. But even if you choose to get your own lodging, they will award you an excellent subsidy.

You get full insurance coverage, a 401(k) plan, and travel expenses. You can work out very flexible schedules giving you time to enjoy exploring the new destination you have chosen. Many of the agencies also offer sign-on and completion bonuses that are very attractive.

Salaries and Opportunities

A traveling nurse has a lot of control over her career. Flexibility is a huge benefit of this career choice. You can contract out when you get one that suits you.

The average, median salary has been calculated at around $70,000. The more experienced nurses can earn over $90,000 a year. And with all the benefits they have, they get to keep more of it. The salaries fluctuate with the job, location, and your experience.

If earning a traveling nurse’s salary sounds exciting to you, then you have the opportunity to get started today. Thousands of new careers are being made today through online distance education. This has enabled people all across the country to earn degrees for beginning new, exciting lives.

You could be earning your own Traveling Nurse Salary if you had the necessary career training. All you need to do is get online and research some online schools. After finding the right one you need to get enrolled and begin you online courses. And you are on your way. Today you can take your first step toward a new career as a Traveling Nurse. Enroll today.