Trauma Nurse

The trauma nurse can work in a few different environments; the main one is that of the emergency room at a recognized trauma center. The other, and the most-sought-after, is that of the flight nurse who rides with the medical helicopter to assist people who have suffered serious injuries or illnesses. These nurses are often those who have extensive experience in the nursing field, sometimes working as an Emergency Medical Technician on an ambulance crew before beginning the journey into nursing.

Prior Experience

Prior experience for those who aspire to become a trauma nurse routinely work as an Emergency Medical Technician, or EMT, before beginning their education for their nursing degree. When the aspiring nurse is ready to go back to college to earn their Registered Nurse designation, they can continue to work in the EMT position while earning their nursing degree in an online format. This will provide the nurse with the education they need to pursue their career along with previous experience in being the first point of medical contact for patients who usually have very serious injuries or illnesses that require immediate, life-saving treatment.

Work Environment

The work environment for any trauma nurse is an extremely fast-paced environment where the patient is in very critical condition and is in need of medical care that will save his life. This position requires the knowledge gained through extensive experience as well as medical training. This type of nurse most often works by the side of the trauma doctor who requires the assistance of the nurse to push medications, take vital signs, and provide the doctor with any kind of help he may need whether that means running to the other end of the facility to get the supplies needed or keeping the family updated on the condition of the patient. The nurse in the emergency room field must be able to keep her composure throughout high-stress situations and be able to handle any type of emergency that comes into the Emergency Department.

Whether the trauma nurse works in a hospital setting or in an air ambulance, they are required to be able to successfully handle the pressures and the stresses of being the ones in charge of various types of life-saving measures for the patients. The nurse must be able to keep a level head throughout the treatment and stabilization of patients who have suffered major medical problems or injuries that can result in loss of life. Additionally, since there is a high level of responsibility associated with this job, only those who have shown the best potential and the best qualifications will be rewarded with this top job in the nursing profession and will earn one of the top, nursing salaries available.