Transplant Nurse

A transplant nurse concentrates on a very specialized area of nursing. As technology and medical advancements continue to revolutionize the transplant field, these nursing positions are growing and becoming more in-demand. If you wish to have a career in an exciting, medical field, this is the nursing job for you.

Job Details

Organ transplants can occur for any number of reasons and in any number of situations. A transplant nurse, typically, works in one of two areas. Some transplants are prearranged. These organ transplants are often organized when a donor is matched with a donor recipient. People may be on a waiting list for a new liver, kidney, or other organ. In these situations, a donor is often a family member. Transplant nurses have many vital responsibilities to both the donor and the recipient. They must speak with the donor to ensure they understand all of the potential challenges. They must convey to the donor the seriousness of surgery and that their lives will be forever changed. They will spend hours educating both the donor and the recipient about the surgical procedure, what will happen after the surgery, and the new rules that each person must live by to maintain a healthy and long-lasting future. If you choose this nursing field, you will also establish a close relationship with these patients. You will be responsible for their follow-up visits, and you will provide them with preoperative and postoperative support in any way they might need.

Other types of transplant nurses often work in more of an emergency environment. Many times, transplants are performed because of another person’s untimely demise. These honorable people were organ donors in the event of their passing. You might be responsible for checking donor lists to find matching waiting recipients. You might have a match in your area. You might also be responsible for packing up the organs properly to ship them across the country. If you are working with a recipient, you should have already prepared them for what to expect so they are ready to enter surgery the moment the organ arrives. These positions are highly stressful and, on occasion, a waiting recipient never receives a donation organ in time. Your education and training will help prepare you for such circumstances.

Educational Requirements

You will be required to become a Registered Nurse to become a transplant nurse. Some people choose to complete an associate’s degree; however, it is highly recommended you complete a minimum of a bachleor’s degree. Many people are choosing to complete an online master’s degree through online universities while they complete practical transplant nursing experience. They will then complete one of the transplant nursing certifications. These certifications are not currently required; however, for people seeking top careers in transplant nursing, they are necessary.

A transplant nurse is a highly rewarding and challenging nursing position. With the proper education, you will have a long-lasting career. Start a nursing degree today to change your life and the lives of others forever.