The Best Scrubs for Your Body Type

photo by Walt Stoneburner

As a nurse, you know that scrubs are going to be a big part of your wardrobe. While they may all seem the same at first glance, there are differences that can be used to make you look your best at all times. The first step in choosing the right scrubs is to know your body type. You can then find the scrubs that will fit your body and emphasize your best assets.
There are four basic body types. To find out which one you are, take a long look at yourself in the mirror while unclothed and see which type best describes you. The types are:Finding Your Body Type

  1. busty with a large chest and wide shoulders
  2. small in the shoulders with more weight in the thighs and hips
  3. slim and narrow from top to bottom
  4. curvy with a slim waist

While these are the most common body types, not everyone will fit one description perfectly. If this is you, find the body type that most closely fits your overall shape. Regardless of your body type, you can look absolutely gorgeous with the right choice in scrubs. Simply follow these guidelines to find your ideal style:

  • Type 1 – If your body is type 1, avoid wearing tight scrub tops. They will be uncomfortable and will not flatter your figure. At the same time, avoid wearing overly loose tops, since they will make you look heavy and shapeless. For the perfect look, choose a mock-wrap style with a V-neck. Avoid printed tops and stick with dark colors. Pair with fitted pants to make the most of your body
  • Type 2 – If you are body type 2, layering is the key. Wear printed hip-length jackets over solid tops will make you look amazing. Choose tops with a scoop neck or boatneck and wear with solid pants.
  • Type 3 – If this is your body type, bold choices will make you look your best. Wear a long sleeved tee under a bold printed short sleeve jacket for a stylish look. In scrub tops, choose those with ruching and other details. Finish your look with pants that are flared to add extra style.
  • Type 4 – This body type looks best with scoop neck tees and flared pants. In addition, V-neck wraps are very flattering. For a change, try a fitted jacket with straight-leg bottoms. Solids and small prints are both good choices as well.

Choosing the right scrubs is much easier than you would think. It is also an important part of your shopping because you will perform better when you look and feel your best. The important thing is to remember that all body types are beautiful. Learn to dress up your assets and you will have the confidence to shine.