School Nurse

A school nurse has an exciting job working with school-aged children in an educational environment. This nurse is responsible for treating children who are injured during recess or become ill during school hours. While they may need to simply tend to the minor wounds sustained during recess, sometimes the school nurse will also need to contact parents or emergency services should the injury require additional, immediate treatment. There are more aspects to this job description than many people think; however, the required education to become qualified to work as a nurse in the school setting is generally the same as the education required to work in the healthcare industry.

Job Description

The job description for the school nurse will have many elements to it. Possibly the largest part of the job is to triage students who have sustained injuries on school grounds or provide care to sick students who need to go home for the day. These nurses typically enjoy working with children and are able to tell if the child is truly ill or if they have a test they do not want to participate in that day. Additionally, another key element of this job includes providing some types of checkups to all the students in the school or school district. The school nurse may provide screenings for conditions such as scoliosis or lice as well as basic eye examinations. Should they find anything questionable in the screening, the nurse will contact the parents of the student to suggest other options, such as a thorough eye examination or a visit to the family doctor. The nurse in the school atmosphere can enjoy a decent salary with set hours since most school nurses only work during school hours. Therefore, they too can enjoy having the summers and all Federal holidays off as well as the added bonus of never working nights or weekends unless they participate in other activities put on by the school, such as sports and physicals for students who are going to participate in extra-curricular activities.

Required Education

The education required for the school nurse is basically the same as the education required to become a nurse in the hospital venue. Generally, an associate’s degree is the basic, required degree. However, since this nurse is typically working unsupervised, a bachelor’s degree may be recommended depending on the requirements of the school district. Both degree programs offer students the needed information that the nurse will use throughout her career including science courses and hands-on skills training. Additionally, both of the programs can also be completed by going through one of the many, top, online universities that offer distance education for their nursing students. These online degree programs will provide the course work that is required to take any State-required examinations to earn the title of Registered Nurse with the added bonus of participating in a type of on-the-job training at a healthcare facility in the same area the student lives. Should the nursing student enter into the associate’s program and then decide at a later date to go into the bachelor’s program, they can do this and transfer all credits from the associate’s degree to their bachelor’s program. Should they eventually want to enter into the master’s program, they will be able to do so only if they have already earned the bachelor’s degree.

The school nurse has a job where she can actually enjoy her job. The school nurse has the ability to enjoy the joys of working with fun, school-aged children every day as well as the same time off that other school officials enjoy, such as summers and nights off. This is possibly the most convenient type of nursing job you can have and one of the most enjoyable nursing jobs, too. With the ability to earn a college degree and become qualified for this type of nursing job in less than four years, it is one of the easiest and best jobs around.