What is a Registered Nurse?

When anyone asks “What is a Registered Nurse??” the answer is that they are one of our most crucial forces within our healthcare industry. They are also one of the largest groups within this industry. When you hear about an RN, then you are hearing about a very broad category.

Many nurses have a specialty that they work at, but they still fall under the nursing field or category. This career choice today explaining what a registered nurse is has greatly gone through changes. In the past, a nurse mainly passed out pills, took blood pressures, gave shots, and things like that.

But today, when you talk about RNs, you will see that their duties are tremendous. A few examples of things they do are:

(1). Monitor/Administer Tests

(2). Review Medical Histories

(3). Implement Treatments

(4). Give Shots

(5). Keep Patient Records

They work performing many duties that were formerly done by doctors. With our healthcare system experiencing such growth, Registered Nurses free doctors up so they can focus on caring for more people.

They are the primary caregivers right behind the doctors. Their training consists of subject areas like:

a. Critical Thinking

b. Medicine

c. Biology

d. Clinical Applications

e. Nutrition

f. Microbiology

Their duties are numerous, and they are a crucial part of our healthcare system today. For nearly any area of healthcare today, you can find a Registered Nurse working in it.

Working Environments and Job Security

Part of knowing what a Registered Nurse is, is knowing about their work environments. You can locate a Registered Nurse caring for families, individuals, groups, and others. They work in public health agencies, physician’s offices, hospitals, camps, schools, private homes, and various industries.

We have had a serious nursing shortage in this country for a long time. This is a field that breezed through the recession when other career choices failed. This is due to all the things they do and our healthcare system depending on them. They are invaluable. Today a Registered Nurse needs to have good training to fulfill the demands of the career field.

There are three, main things you want from a career. You want a good salary, job security, and a chance for advancement. This career has all three.

Your Opportunity to Break Into This Great, Career Field

Once you understand what a Registered Nurse is, you should consider enrolling in school and earning your degree. It is amazing how many people still have no idea what an excellent opportunity online distance education is.

You can take online courses and still keep your current lifestyle. You can work at a pace you set for yourself and not a schedule someone else created. Convenience and flexibility are the keys. You can take advantage of this as well. Simply get online and see about getting enrolled then you will learn firsthand what a Registered Nurse is.