The Financial and Emotional Benefits of Nursing

Few people want to enter a career that isn’t rewarding in one way or another. Some focus on the emotionally rewarding side of things, others on the financial. If you are somewhere in the middle and want to enter a career path that has huge benefits, emotionally and financially, few fields are as prepared to meet your needs as nursing.

Most medical fields of study will prepare you to work with patients on a daily basis, but the salaries can vary a great deal, as can the face time spent with patients. Within two years you could earn an associate’s degree, complete an exam and become a registered nurse. Most people like this path a great deal for a few reasons. In only two years you will be working in one of the highest demand fields in the working world and you can continue your education, while you work, at your leisure.

Nursing will require constant continued education classes, so expect to be learning until retirement, but many RNs will spend another two years, or even four, to earn a bachelor’s or master’s degree in nursing. While an associate’s degree is often enough, you will be somewhat limited by your education. Studies have shown that RNs with higher level degrees will earn more and hold higher positions, if they want.

You’ll have no trouble entering the field upon graduation, but the future levels of your education may seem daunting once you are working as an RN. Consider, for example, the responsibilities of raising a family, keeping up your household and working full time as a registered nurse, how would you find time to continue towards your bachelor’s or master’s degree in nursing?

Many colleges offer online degree programs that will work perfectly while you are working hard to earn your registered nursing salary. Online classes are, in general, attended on your schedule. The only time constraints you need to focus on are the due dates that your instructor will lay out at the start of the semester.

The medical field is huge and you should be able to find plenty of people to talk to that have followed this path already. Sit down with them at lunch, or on a break, and get first hand information from people that have already worked their way to a higher RN salary this way. You may be surprised how easy it can be to enter the field, and continue to move upwards through it.