Registered Nurse Jobs

Registered Nurse jobs take on many faces. There are many nursing specializations. Having a grasp of what they are will help you decide on where you will be the happiest. Every aspect of nursing will change depending on the location, education, and experience.

With Registered Nurse jobs, as you gain in experience you take on more responsibilities. As a Registered Nurse, you will have the opportunity to earn a special certification. Examples of this are: emergency trauma nursing and critical care nursing.

The career field of nursing is very broad and diverse. In almost any area of our healthcare system you can find a Registered Nurse working there. RNs are excellent help for teaching patients and families to manage illnesses. They also teach about nutrition and give grief counseling to families.

A few varieties of the type of Registered Nurse jobs available are:

(1)  Flight Nurses

(2)  Emergency Nurses

(3)  Critical Care Nurses

(4)  Transplant Nurses

(5)  Medical Surgery Nurses

(6)  Hospice & Palliative Care Nurses

(7)  Holistic Nurses

(8)  Long-Term Care Nurses

(9)  Genetics Nurses

(10) Psychiatric Nurses

This list just skims the surface of a rewarding, secure, and exciting career field.

Working Environments

Most Registered Nurse jobs are in very comfortable settings. Some are in clinics or hospitals while others travel to community centers or homes. In these types of settings, even though they are comfortable, they can also be dangerous.

Sometimes the risk is in regard to infectious diseases. RNs need good, solid, career training for guarding against this. Sometimes they will need to lift patients to move them risking a back injury, or they risk exposure to disease by accidental needle pricks.

They have other risks like:

a. Compressed Gases

b. Shock from Electrical Equipment

c. Chemicals for Equipment Sterilization

d. Radiation

e. Anesthetics

But the job outlook for this profession is projected to be excellent. Nurses have been in big demand for many years now. They have designed the training programs in a way that will attract many new, future nurses to fill these positions.

With a bachelor’s degree, Registered Nurse jobs will open up more than for those without a degree. The four, major, advanced practice specialties in very high demand are: Midwives, Nurse Practitioners, Anesthetists, and Clinical Nurse Specialists.

How You Can Become a Registered Nurse

If you have a desire to become a Registered Nurse, then you should really consider enrolling in one of the BSN programs available. This will broaden your prospects even more.

Earning any degree is going to help open more doors for you. The higher the degree, the more opportunities become available.

There are many people working Registered Nurse jobs today who earned their degrees through online distance education. You can get good, solid, career training by taking online courses. You can set your own pace and keep the lifestyle you live now. So get online and check out some online schools and get enrolled today.