Public Health Nursing Jobs

The nursing jobs in the public health sector are generally funded by the government; meaning that the nurse who works in one of the many public health nursing jobs can enjoy the benefits of the government’s level of pay as well as the benefits that also come with government work. This type of job is a specialized field of nursing where the nurse provides patient care to patients who do not have medical insurance. While the main goal of these jobs is to provide disease prevention, the public health nurse will also provide immunization clinics and have other responsibilities that pertain to the overall health of the community.

Government-Level Jobs

Most of the public health nursing jobs are going to be funded by the local government; therefore, the nurse will qualify for all of the benefits that local, state, and federal employees receive including: paid time off, paid Federal holidays off, no nights or weekends, and paid medical, dental, and health insurance. This type of government-level job is a good start for newly graduated nurses who want to break into the medical profession although they do not want to work in a large hospital establishment. To become qualified for one of the numerous open, public health nursing jobs, all the nurse needs to have is the title of Registered Nurse earned which can be earned through either a two-year or four-year college program. Additionally, the public health nurse may achieve either of these degrees from some of the best, online colleges where they can earn their degree in an online format and go right to work in the public health sector.

Community Involvement

One of the key aspects in any of the public health nursing jobs is the element of community involvement. When the public health nurse is involved with the community, they are able to provide patients with high-quality confidentiality and infection control. With these programs, the nurse may participate in various patient examinations, immunization clinics, or confidential disease testing. When the public health nurse is known throughout the community as being a helpful resource to those who may have been exposed to a disease, the patient is more likely to come in and get tested which could save his life if he is in fact diagnosed with the disease at an early stage.

Public health nursing jobs are found in all jurisdictions throughout the country. With this being a government-funded position, there are always jobs available, and the nurse can enjoy all of the benefits that come with working for the government. If you have been looking for that perfect nursing job where you get to help people by providing quality care, but you have little experience and do not want to work in a hospital setting, you may find your new career home in the field of public health nursing.