Psychiatric Nurse Salary

Psychiatric nurses play an interesting role in the healthcare community. They work with mental health patients every day to ensure they are well taken care of. If you have been thinking about becoming a psychiatric nurse in the near future, you may be interested in learning about the money you could potentially make in your profession. There are many factors that go into determining what a psychiatric nurse will make, so you have to assess your potential pay from multiple angles. Here are some charts that may help you figure out what your psychiatric nurse salary will be like in the future.

Psychiatric Nurse Salary by Years of Experience

As you progress through your career, you will have a chance to make more money. Experience inherently brings about higher earnings, so you just need to make a plan to stick with your profession. Possible salaries by years of experience include:

  • Less than 1 year of experience: $22,500 – $42,500 per year
  • 1-4 years of experience: $37,085 – $66,717 per year
  • 5-9 years of experience: $35,234 – $117,446 per year
  • 10-19 years of experience: $40,000 – $74,500 per year
  • 20 years of experience or more: $42,729 – $74,251 per year

Psychiatric Nurse Salary by Industry

There are slight changes in work loads with regards to different psychiatric nurse industries. Think carefully about where you want to be in the job market before approximating your future pay. Possible salaries by industry include:

  • Community Mental Health: $28,852 – $116,350 per year
  • General Health Hospital: $39,663 – $77,628 per year
  • Healthcare: $22,500 – $76,000 per year
  • Psychiatric Hospital: $44,689 – $65,862 per year

Psychiatric Nurse Salary by Degree

Your degree may not make a difference on your entry-level psychiatric nurse salary, but it will influence your earning potential at the upper end of your career. Think about that before you settle for an associate’s over a bachelor’s degree. Possible salaries by degree include:

  • Associate Degree Nursing (ADN): $37,500 – $55,000 per year
  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN): $35,479 – $98,633 per year

Psychiatric Nurse Salary by Employer Type

Some employers offer better paying jobs than others because they have a greater need for psychiatric assistance. If you can find an employer with a high demand for workers at the moment, you should see a boost in your pay. Possible salaries by employer include:

  • Company: $34,497 – $69,531 per year
  • Hospital: $34,883 – $87,262 per year
  • Non-Profit Organization: $42,729 – $59,950 per year
  • State & Local Government: $35,793 – $75,866 per year

Psychiatric Nurse Salary by Specialty

When you choose to specialize in the field, you may improve your ability to earn money. This, however, will depend on the specific concentration that you select. Possible salaries by specialty include:

  • Psychiatrics: $35,420 – $78,429 per year
  • Case Management: $36,766 – $68,658 per year
  • Geriatrics: $45,449 – $69,660 per year
  • Acute Care: $46,043 – $72,414 per year

Psychiatric Nurse Salary by Location

Pay rates will vary throughout the country because of shifts in the cost of living. You may want to think about where you live before calculating your future pay because that will make a big difference in the numbers. Possible salaries by location include:

  • Texas: $34,496 – $69,531 per year
  • New York: $44,270 – $76,840 per year
  • Florida: $40,695 – $66,000 per year

Psychiatric Nurse Salary by Certification

You will need some kind of certification to work in the field, and the one you choose could play a role in determining your pay. You may actually want to hold more than one certification, just to be on the safe side. Possible salaries by certification include:

  • Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR): $34,839 – $73,405 per year
  • Registered Nurse (RN): $35,976 – $63,912 per year
  • Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS): $41,116 – $70,589 per year

Psychiatric Nurse Salary with Benefits

Any benefits you get with your job are going to boost your pay. The more benefits you can land, the better off you will be. In order to wrap up this salary assessment, we need to think about the perks that may come along with the career. They could be just as influential as anything else. Possible salaries with benefits include:

  • 401(k): $39,594 – $73,974 per year
  • 403(b): $28,188 – $89,396 per year
  • Company Pension Plan: $35,541 – $117,446 per year
  • Education Reimbursement: $35,541 – $97,871 per year
  • Life Insurance and Disability: $43,336 – $78,504 per year
  • Paid Holidays or Vacation: $39,453 – $74,735 per year
  • Paid Sick Leave: $40,365 – $74,099 per year

Note that the information above is courtesy of as of May 17, 2012. It may not reflect the information at the time you read this article.