Potential Career Changes for Experienced Nurses

Health care is making an increasing shift from hospitals to communities and technology is becoming more important to every aspect of the field. These changes are opening up a world of new opportunities for experienced nurses and provide excellent options for those craving a career change. If you are an experienced nurse who is ready to try something a bit different, these career options may be just what the doctor ordered:

Healthcare IT

There are many opportunities for nurses to switch from clinical to business positions, especially if they are comfortable with handling technology. There is a high demand for healthcare IT professionals, and these positions are ideal for experienced nurses who understand the clinical processes. Nurses who succeed in this career shift can easily climb the corporate ladder while focusing on patient outcomes and clinical indicators. Currently, around 70% of nonmilitary hospitals in the United States are connected electronically. This has created a high demand for nurses in the healthcare IT field, and this demand is guaranteed to grow as more hospitals come onboard.


Experienced nurses with technology savvy and critical care experience can find extremely rewarding careers working in tele-ICU positions. These positions allow nurses to remotely monitor patients and to use their clinical experience to mentor nurses who operate directly with the patients. These positions require a vast, all-encompassing knowledge of nursing as well as excellent collaboration and communication skills. The most successful tele-ICU nurses face a unique challenges , but this job is still among the most rewarding for those who choose it.

Call Centers

Call center nursing is another great choice for experienced nurses with strong communication and technological skills. While these nurses never see patients face-to-face, they must use the same knowledge, abilities, and compassion as they would in a personal setting.

Travel Nursing

Many experienced nurses choose to enjoy seeing the country by becoming travel nurses. In this career, nurses can choose where and when to work. They can travel the entire country or stay relatively close to home. Nurses who choose this career work with a recruiter who helps place them in temporary positions, usually lasting up to 13 weeks. This career provides numerous advantages to nurses, including paid moving costs and travel expenses, the chance to experience life in many locations, and an excellent salary. Travel nursing is an excellent choice for those who are transitioning from full-time work to full retirement.

There are many career options for nurses who are ready to make a meaningful change. These nurses can use their experience and knowledge to further the healthcare field without continuing direct patient care. If you are ready to make a change, these career options are ideal for you.