Pediatric Nursing Schools

The best practice when going through nursing school is to determine, either before you begin your program or during your program, what type of nurse you wish to become. While some nurses may want to pursue a career in general medicine or perioperative, others will want to go to one of the available pediatric nursing schools where they will learn all of the essential skills required to handle caring for the younger population who is in need of quality medical care. Since most of these schools require that a bachelor’s degree has been earned in the field of nursing, the programs offered will typically include either a certificate program, continuing education, or the master’s degree programs. Always check with the desired school to establish what their own set requirements may be.

Certificate and Continuing Education

Most pediatric nursing schools offer certification in pediatric nursing. This certificate is generally offered with the completion of a set number of continuing education courses which typically take less than one year to complete. Most employers will offer to pay for these courses in exchange for the nurse to continue their employment with the facility. The full certification program will typically take about a year to complete, after which the pediatric nurse will be qualified to participate in any state certification examinations that will provide the nurse with their full certification in pediatric nursing. This certification will provide the pediatric nurse with additional career possibilities as well as a higher pediatric nurse salary that comes with the certification.

Master’s Program

There are numerous pediatric nursing schools that provide a two-year, graduate level degree in pediatric nursing. While this master’s program is typically not required unless the nurse wishes to pursue a career in management, it will provide the pediatric nurse with the resources needed to be successful in their career where the patients are much different than what is found in general medicine, not to mention the above-average salary associated with the graduate degree. The only prerequisite to enter into all master’s programs is that of the bachelor’s degree, which provides a basic understanding of the nursing field as a whole, while the master’s program will provide additional education in the specific field of pediatrics. Upon completion of the master’s program, the pediatric nurse will be more than qualified for any pediatric nursing job they want to have, from those who provide the basic patient care to the children, all the way up to the unit manager of the pediatric department.

When looking into the right pediatric nursing schools, be sure to first determine what type of education you wish to have, whether you want to earn simply a certificate that generally takes less than a year to complete, or the master’s program that will take about two years but qualify you for any pediatric nursing job you want. Any of the pediatric nursing schools will provide students with the education, experience, and skills required to handle all aspects of this highly-specialized field.