Pediatric Nursing Jobs

Pediatric nursing jobs can have a variety of specialties including the general pediatric care of children ages 2 to 18 as well as the specialized field of the neonatal intensive care where the nurse deals with babies and infants who have serious illnesses including premature birth. Both of these types of specialties require at least a four-year Bachelor of Science in Nursing which can be earned through distance learning. However, the pediatric nurse will be able to begin working in the pediatric unit or Children’s Hospital after earning some experience in the medical field. While certification is available through continuing education, it is not necessarily required for employment. The NICU nurse, on the other hand, is a highly specialized form of pediatric nursing training that requires that the nurse obtains certification before working in the unit.

Pediatric Nursing

The pediatric nursing jobs that are located in pediatric wards of hospitals or Children’s Hospitals include duties like: administering medications, providing sympathetic care to the child and the parents of the child, and providing any needed wound care. Additionally, the pediatric nurse in this field will also have the duty of watching the patient closely for any side effects that have occurred due to the treatment plan the child is on as well as watching for signs of improvement and decline in the patient’s condition which must be reported to the physician immediately. This nurse provides quality patient care to children who are typically 2 years old up to 18 years old; therefore, the nurse must also have a caring personality that will allow them to effectively deal with the younger patients as well as the diseases that they are being treated for.

NICU Nurse

The NICU nurse position in pediatric nursing jobs are highly specialized and require the nurse to be fully experienced and well-educated in all the elements that come with caring for the smallest and most fragile patients. Babies who are in the NICU are typically newborns; however, they can be up to the age of two, at which time they are usually transferred to the pediatric unit. Newborns in this unit are generally very premature and require the use of an incubator to help them grow, both in their size and the development of their vital organs. These babies may also experience various setbacks in their growth process that will require surgery. Therefore, the pediatric nurse must be well-educated and trained in not only the equipment used and the general care of the infant, but also how to provide quality care to both the patient and the parents before, during, and after very complicated and risky surgical procedures. Surgeries that are routine for adults can prove deadly for these fragile patients.

The pediatric nursing jobs can come in a variety of forms and locations, including the pediatric units, as well as NICUs and even baby nurses who deal with newborns who have not had any complications. These tend to be fun and exciting jobs that provide the nurse with a career that helps the smallest of patients as well as a salary that is above average for the nursing industry.