Pediatric Nurse Education

Pediatric nurses are specialized nurses who have not only completed a college degree program in nursing, but they have also gained experience in the pediatric field followed by a certification program that consists of both textbook learning as well as a certification examination. Once these pediatric nurse education requirements have been met, the nurse can continue working in the field of pediatrics; however, should the pediatric nurse wish to enter into a different specialized field like child oncology or the NICU, there will eventually be additional training that is required.

Bachelor’s Degree

Before any nurse can begin working, they need to complete the first step of the nursing education program. Pediatric nurse education will start out the same as any other nursing education; however, it is important to note that if a long-term goal includes pediatrics before entering into the bachelor’s program, taking courses like child psychology and other child-related courses will be beneficial in the long run. The Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) is the first step in this process. It takes about four years to complete; however, when the nursing student attends one of the top, online universities, they may be able to participate in accelerated programs which allow them to complete the same program in less time. Once this program is complete and the BSN has been earned, the nurse will then sit for any state-required board examinations that will award them with the Registered Nurse title. Once this title is earned, the nurse can begin working in the medical field. A floating nurse position will be beneficial to start since the nurse in this position will work in all departments including pediatric units. The pediatric unit may be willing to hire nurses fresh out of nursing school that have received specialized training, and the offices of pediatricians will also become a good starting point for anyone who wishes to become a Certified Pediatric Nurse.

Continuing Education

Once the nurse has begun working in any pediatric field, the employer will usually offer various continuing education courses that will eventually reward the nurse with certification in the pediatric field. This is typically the final element in the pediatric nurse education process; however, in order to keep the certification, there will be additional courses required yearly to ensure the nurse stays completely up-to-date on all medical advances in the field. These continuing education courses are generally done in an online format; therefore, they do not necessarily take much time away from the nurse and will give them CE credits that can be used toward their certification examination.

The pediatric nurse education process is not a difficult process for any qualified nurse. Between the education earned through the bachelor’s program and the experience required in the pediatric field of nursing, the aspiring pediatric nurse will be fully prepared for the certification in the pediatric field.

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