Nursing Schools in Virginia

As the fastest growing career field, registered nursing programs are seeing more and more students each semester. That growth isn’t expected to slow down for at least a decade, so to ensure that you get in on the ground floor and help become a leader as more and more students graduate, starting your path to this rewarding career should start now. You can earn your license to work as a registered nurse in as little as two years, faster in some cases. Start by working towards a certification or diploma program that will allow you to pass the NCLEX-RN licensing exam. Upon completion, you can start working in the field, earning valuable experience, and continue your education as far as you like. Many nurses follow this plan and end up earning a BSN, MSN, DNP or PhD in Nursing.

With over 62,000 registered nurses working in Virginia to support a population of over 8 million, there is still plenty of room for you to become a valuable part of this career field. There is an increasing demand for talented health care professionals and the income you can expect will give you a comfortable lifestyle. Registered nurses earn an average of $63,000 a year in Virginia, but experience and education are key to ensuring you earn the highest income possible. You already read how to start earning your experience early, but finding the right employer will take a little research.

Danville, Virginia Beach and Harrisonburg have the lowest percentage of jobs relative to the population and may be good cities worth exploring for potential places to start your career. Charlottesville, Winchester and Lynchburg have the highest percentage of registered nurses working relative to the population and may bring more competition to the job market. You will find the highest median income in Danville, Charlottesville and Richmond though, so the competition in some of the cities may be worth pursing if income is your primary concern.

VCU Health Systems in Richmond, Inova Fair Oaks Hospital in Fall Church, Medical College Virginia Hospital in Richmond, University of Virginia Health Systems and UVA Neurological Surgery in Charlottesville, and Centra Health in Lynchburg rank among the top 25 employers in the state across all industries. Each of these employers will offer a wide range of potential positions, including entry level positions and should be great places to start earning the experience you need to make the most of your career. In addition, look for employers that offer tuition assistance as they will make the financial investment that is required for your education less of a burden.

Paying for College

Colleges often offer unique loans, scholarships and grants to students that enroll in their programs. Pay special attention to these benefits as you start to explore potential educators. You should also explore the wide array of loans, scholarships and loan repayment plans offered by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. The loan repayment plans should be at the top of your list upon graduation. They offer large sums towards your school loans upon completion of a two year commitment to an underserved area. You will also gain valuable experience that employers will make special note of as you start to look for permanent employment upon completion.


Chamberlain College of Nursing

With a unique BSN program that allows students to complete their education in as little as three years, you will find that Chamberlain offers an accelerated way to enter the health care industry. You will study in ways that encourage critical thinking, collaboration, communication and leadership while paying special attention to theoretical and technical skills required for nursing. Small class sizes and cutting edge technology can be found in the simulation labs, giving you the hands on experience and one on one discussions that you would expect from a small school. You will also have access to The Chamberlain Arlington Student Nurses’ Association mentors that will help with professional development of future registered nurses and provide the resources, leadership opportunities and career guidance that can make your move into this field significantly less stressful.

University of Virginia School of Nursing

With a compassionate, Interprofessional and high tech education, your time spent at UVASON will prepare you in unique ways to stand out in the nursing profession. As a national leader in nursing education, the School of Nursing, is readying the next generation of practitioners, researchers and faculty at a speed that will put you into your career quick enough to lead the field into the future. You will focus on compassion, agile thinking, research and creative, astute practice, ensuring that you will be prepared to adapt to this ever changing profession. Ranked in the top two percent of nursing schools in the nation by the U.S. News and World Report, you will earn an education that will be respected by any employer, regardless of where you plant your feet and start your career.