Nursing Schools in Vermont

If a scientific and caring career is something of interest to you, you should be happy to hear that registered nursing is the fastest growing career field currently. That trend is expected to continue over the next decade due to the rapid growth of our population and much of our population entering the later years of their life. The leads to a more frequent need for basic and advanced health care that registered nurses are required for. You can start your career in under two years by completing a diploma or certificate program and passing the NCLEX-RN licensing exam. Upon completion, you can start working in the field as a registered nurse, earning valuable experience, and still continue your education to any level you choose, be it BSN, MSN, DNP or PhD in Nursing. Many nurses even pursue specializations that allow them to work specifically where they wish.

Vermont has just over 6,000 registered nurses to support a population of over 600,000 individuals. This is why the need for registered nurses is so high. On average, RNs in Vermont earn $63,350 a year. You can increase where you fall in this average by combining education and experience. You already know how to start gaining experience while you continue your education, but finding the place to start learning your trade may take a bit more work.

Fletcher Allen Health Care in Burlington, Rutland regional Physician Group in Rutland, Southwestern Vermont Medical Center in Bennington and Central Vermont Medical Center in Berlin rank among the top 15 employer sin the state across all industries. You may find entry level positions that you can start before even earning your license as a registered nurse. Also look to these employers for tuition assistance as you move to higher levels of education.

Paying for College

While you may find some help from your employer to pay for college, there are other resources that you should research more and make the most use of. College often offer unique loans, scholarships and grants to students that attend their facilities. Most important is the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Here you will find loans, scholarships and loan repayment options that will make it significantly easier to pay for the debt you will take on over the course of your education. The loan repayment options are especially important to explore as they offer large payments to your student debt upon completion of a two year commitment to an underserved area. In addition to the financial gains you earn from this opportunity, the experience will be invaluable as you look for future employment.


Southern Vermont College

Nursing graduates from this respected college are recognized and valued by the health care facilities and providers they end up working with. These include hospitals, nursing homes, medical centers, private practices and clinics. With BSN and RN to BSN programs offered, you should find that the education you need is easily obtainable through SVC. Graduates also move into advanced areas of nursing including Clinical Nurse Specialists, Certified Nurse Anesthetists, Certified Nurse Midwives, Case Managers, Nurse Practitioners, Nurse Educators, Nurse Researchers and Nurse Administrators. With so many options, you are sure to find the education that meets your goals.

University of Vermont College of Nursing and Health Sciences

With a focus on clinical training by faculty advancing the field, you will earn an education that is unparalleled in the opportunities that the programs offered provide. The school is dedicated to meeting the societal needs for preparing and placing health care professionals in the workforce while also supporting the University of Vermont’s vision of excellence in the area of health. Students will be a part of that vision of excellence and will learn through fully accredited and dynamic programs with innovative researchers, award winning teachers and expert clinicians.  The College of Nursing and Health Science also values diverse perspectives and collaboration among colleagues in the profession and focuses on an interdisciplinary style of learning. By ensuring you are ready to enter the field with the hands on experience and holistic and scientific education, the school provides you with the tools to become a leader in the industry from your first day in the career.