Nursing Schools in Texas

Nursing is a field of constant growth and that growth should continue over the course of the next decade. As the backbone of the health care industry, registered nurses are in constant demand and the field has become the number one career in growth leading countless students to enter into this path for their education. You will find that you can start your future in less than two years. Pursue a diploma or certification program and you will be able to take and pass the NCLEX-RN which will give you the license to practice as a registered nurse. Upon licensure, look for an employer that offers benefits towards a further education, such as tuition assistance, and you can continue your education to any level you prefer, including a BSN, RN to BSN, DNP, MSN, or PhD in Nursing. This path is fairly common and will give you the ability to start working sooner than following a traditional two or four year educational path before you start working.

Texas has almost 185,000 registered nurses supporting a population of over 26 million Texans. You can see why the need for registered nurses is so high just by looking at those numbers. Fortunately, registered nurses earn an average income of over $66,000 a year, but to make sure you earn the most income possible you need to combine education and experience. Employers are always looking for well educated registered nurses, but they are also very excited to find those with plenty of experience. By following the previously mentioned path you will find that you can start earning experience and education together, very early in your career.

As you start to explore your options for earning experience while you continue your education, keep some important statistics in mind. First, Sherman, Tyler and Victoria have the highest percentage of registered nurses, relative to the population, working in the city. This may lead to a longer job search and more competition for positions with popular employers. On the other hand, Midland, Austin and Laredo have the lowest percentage in the same category. This should mean that your skills will be able to land you a job faster, and the positions you really want will be less competitive to obtain. If you are more concerned about the total income you can expect, look to Houston, McAllen and Dallas as they offer the highest median salaries in the state. Relocation may not be on the plate for your plans, but if it is, this is a great way to get a head start as you move into your new future.

Texas is a big state, and there are plenty of big employers throughout, finding the right one for your particular skill set will take some time, but the following list should give you a starting point. The MD Anderson Cancer Center and University of Texas Diagnostics in Houston, Surgical and Outpatient Services in Fort Worth, Baylor Sammons Cancer Center in Dallas and Parkland Health and Hospital Systems in the same city are among the top 20 employers in the state across all industries. You may find that these employers don’t meet what you are looking for, but they may be a great place to get an entry level position as you are working on your education. The experience you earn will be invaluable.

Paying for College

Lessening the financial investment that comes with any education should be one of your first goals as you start looking at potential educators. Fortunately, many colleges offer unique loans, grants and scholarships to students that enroll in their courses. You can also turn to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Here you will find a variety of loans, scholarships and loan repayment options specifically designed for health care students. Pay special attention to loan repayment options as they reward you with a huge sum towards your educational debt upon completion of a two year commitment to serve an underserved area. Again, the experience you earn during this program will be highly regarded by future employers.


University of Texas at Arlington

Texans know that UT Arlington is one of the premier nursing colleges in the state. The numbers back up that expectation as well. As the largest nursing program in Texas with over 7,500 students in spring of 2012, the number of students that enter the field as RNs each year have doubled since the initial licensure BSN program started to an impressive 800 graduates. In addition, the initial licensure program has been rated by the Higher Education Coordinating Board as 1 of the 9 “High Performers” in a group of 108 nursing programs in the state. Over 90% of graduates have passed their licensing exam and more than 97% advance their careers soon after graduation, primarily in the North Texas area. The school has even seen a number of their BSN graduates entering the specialty areas such as Emergency, Trauma and Intensive Care, which is uncommon for new graduates with little experience. You can count on this school for the length of your education, no matter how far you want to go, as they offer the full range of nursing programs up to and including a PhD in the field with plenty of specialties. UTA is a premier nursing school in Texas and the country, and the unique education you earn will be respected throughout the nation.

Texas Woman’s University

Don’t let the name fool you, TWU is a premier nursing college for men and women. With a focus on holistic and scientific education integrated to promote health and disease prevention in a rapid technological and societal changing career field, you will earn an education that prepares you for the rigors of this exciting future. While text book learning is important, the mix of science, holistic and hands-on training that you earn from TWU will give you the skills that you can only gain from interaction with patients. Some of your interaction will come from state-of-the-art simulation labs, while others will come from unique service work that you will do within the community. A focus on health is the key to nursing, and the mission of TWU will ensure that you are part of a team promoting it throughout the community.