Nursing Schools in South Carolina

As the fastest growing career path currently available, registered nursing is becoming a popular choice for many students. Nursing is expected to see a constant growth over the next decade due to the fact that our population is growing and aging and the need for even the most basic health care is becoming more and more common. Millions of Americans lack access to even the most basic health care so entering the job market as a registered nurse will not only make you highly desirable to employers, it will also give you a rewarding career that lets you help those that need it most. You can also get started in just a couple years by completing a diploma or certification program and passing the NCLEX-RN licensing exam. This will allow you to start earning experience in the field as you continue your education towards a BSN, MSN, DNP or PhD in Nursing.

With just under 43,000 registered nurses supporting a population of almost 5 million people in South Carolina, you can see why the career path is seeing so much growth. Fortunately, registered nurses in South Carolina can expect to earn an average income of almost $60,000 a year. To ensure that you fall as high as possible on that average you need to focus on earning experience and education together. To do this, look for entry level positions throughout the state that you could start before even becoming a registered nurse and gain hands on experience as you work towards your license.

With Florence, Charleston and Columbia ranking as the cities with the highest percentage of registered nurses relative to the population, you are likely going to find a more competitive job market. Myrtle Beach, Greenville and Sumter have the lowest percentage of jobs relative to the population of the city and should make your job search much easier. You will also find that the highest median salaries can be found in Charleston, Greenville and Sumter.

Greenville Memorial Hospital in Greenville, Palmetto Health Richland in Columbia, McLeod Regional Medical Center in Florence, Spartanburg Regional Medical Center in Spartanburg, St. Francis Hospital in Charleston and Women’s and Children’s Hospital in Anderson rank among the top 10 employers in the state across all industries. You may want to start by applying for a number of position with these employers and look at the benefits they offer to find the right employer for you. Pay special attention to any employer that offers tuition reimbursement or assistance as that will lessen the financial burden that is an inevitable part of your education.

Paying for College

Colleges offer a wide range of loans, scholarships and grants that are unique to the students that attend their learning institution. You should also look to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Here you will find scholarships, loans and loan repayment plans that can make paying for college expenses significantly easier. The loan repayment options are a great way to earn experience and knock out large portions of your school debt quickly. By working in an underserved area over the course of a two year commitment, the HRSA will pay a significant portion of your school debt off. The experience you earn while working in these areas will be invaluable as you start to look for permanent employment upon completion.


University of South Carolina College of Nursing

With over 7,000 nurses that have graduated from the College of Nursing, the first nationally accredited bachelors of science in nursing program has continued the mission it started; educate nurses to become leaders in an ever changing environment. With a state of the art simulation lab that provides experiences students may not receive in clinical rotation and real world practice by providing health care to low income neighborhoods in Columbia, your education will go beyond the classroom.

Medical University of South Carolina

With a focus on a nursing student that wishes to excel in their profession, MUSC enhances learning through innovative technologies and dynamic online graduate programs of study. You will find a state of the art clinical simulation laboratory and be part of the groundbreaking work being done by the Center for Community Health Partnerships and Technology Center to Enhance Healthful Lifestyles. Your education won’t focus on what you learn from a book – it will focus on what you learn by practicing your craft in the real world. Awarded the Best Online Programs award for Graduate Nursing in 2013 by the U.S. News and World Report, you will find an education that revolves around your schedule, as opposed to the other way around.