Nursing Schools in Rhode Island

There is a dire need for educated and talented nurses in the health care industry these days. With the growth in numbers and the advancing age of our population, the need for health care professionals is greater than it has ever been before. The registered nursing career path is expected to grow faster than any other over the next decade and you can enter the field in as little as two years. Earning a diploma or certification will qualify you to take the NCLEX-RN licensing exam. Upon completion, you can enter the field and start earning experience alongside your education. Many nurses continue to work towards a BSN, MSN, DNP, or PhD even after they start working as a licensed registered nurse.

With a total of just over 12,000 registered nurses supporting Rhode Island’s population of over a million individuals, the numbers are not meeting the needs of the health care industry. Fortunately, the average income for a registered nurse in the state is over $73,000 a year which should encourage many students to pursue this career path. By starting now, you can become one of the leaders that helps the health care industry, and nursing, adapt to the future with the constant changes to how health care works in the country.

You should look to the top employers in the state as a way to start earning experience as soon as possible. Ranked among the top 20 employers across all industries in Rhode Island, the following list should give you a good starting point for finding the right employer for you: Roger Williams Medical Center, Hasbro Children’s Hospital, Women and Infants Hospital of Rhode Island and Miriam Hospital in Providence, Our Lady of Fatima Hospital in Cranston and Memorial Hospital of Rhode Island in Pawtucket.

Paying for College

You will likely find that your employer offers some form of tuition assistance as long as you are pursuing a course of study that is related to their needs. You should also pay attention to the unique loans, scholarships and grants offered by colleges to students that attend their institutions. Finally, spend time researching your options on the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services website. Here you will find loans, scholarships and loan repayment plans that will make the financial burden of an education easier to handle. The loan repayment plans should garner special attention. By committing to a two year term of service in an underserved area in your community, the HRSA will pay a large portion towards your school debts. The experience you earn by undertaking this commitment will also help a great deal as you move on to a permanent employer.


The University of Rhode Island

Breaking from the standard nursing program, URICON goes beyond what you may expect. You’ll find individual attention similar to that that you would get from a smaller university. In addition, the unique clinical experiences of a larger institution are part of the everyday experience. With plenty of opportunities for cross-discipline work with engineering, psychology, business, nutrition and a number of other professions, you can network, or create a unique degree program that will help you move into a specific discipline within the nursing environment. With unique courses like thanatology and one of a kind programs like the Doctor of Nursing Program in Rhode Island, unusual clinical practice settings mixed with traditional ones and smart classrooms and simulation labs, your education will prepare you for the constantly changing world of nursing in a way that few other colleges can. You can also specialize your education even further so that you can respond to the needs of the health care system whether that is in teaching, research, policy, administration or clinical care.

Rhode Island College School of Nursing

RICSON has the largest bachelor’s degree program in nursing in the entire state. Highly regarded for the high quality nursing education it provides, you will be part of a group of graduates that constantly contributes to pass rates of the NCLEX-RN that are well above the state average. Located in Providence, the campus is convenient for students because of its proximity to large health care institutions. Your education will include programs that are partnered with all the major health care agencies in the state to offer clinical education. You will learn more from your hands on time during your education that you would from simply reading a textbook and RICSON ensures that this is the focus of your education.