Nursing Schools in Oklahoma

Registered nursing is on track to see the fastest growth of all careers over the next decade. This is primarily due to two factors: the growing and aging population of our world and the lack of educated health care professionals entering the industry. Combining these two issues leads to a wealth of health care shortages for millions of Americans and as a large portion of our population enters the later years of their life, they have more frequent need for basic health care checkups. As the backbone of the health care industry, registered nurses are highly desirable by employers and make the process significantly easier for physicians and patients. Entering this field is easier and faster than you may expect. You can get started as a registered nurse in about two years. A diploma or certification program will prepare you to take the NCLEX-RN which will license you as a registered nurse. Once you start working, you can follow the same path as many nurses and continue your education as you build experience in the field. With options to earn a BSN, MSN, DNP and PhD in nursing, the only limit to the amount of education you earn is set by you.

With just under 30,000 registered nurses supporting almost 4 million residents in Oklahoma, you can see why this career is seeing such rapid growth. Another reason for the growth in the field is the sizable income you can earn. With an average yearly salary of almost $56,000 a year, you are sure to live a comfortable lifestyle along with the rewards that come from working in a field that is based on ensuring people live longer healthier lives. Experience and education will be key to earning the highest salary, and following the previous mentioned path is the best way to start earning experience early.

Keep a few things in mind as you start to explore employers and cities for your career. Lawton has the highest percentage of registered nurses relative to the population while Tulsa has the lowest percentage. In addition, Lawton has the highest median salary for those working in the city. While the competition may be a little more intense for positions in Lawton, it may be worth pursuing a career in the area if your salary is the number one priority.

INTEGRIS Baptist Medical Center in Oklahoma City, St. Francis Hospital and St. John Medical Center in Tulsa, OU Children’s Hospital and Mercy Hospital and Children’s Hospital of Oklahoma in Oklahoma City rank among the top 20 employers across all industries in the state. These may be good options for starting your career and each employer will offer benefits that you should explore, such as tuition reimbursement.

Paying for College

In addition to the assistance you will earn towards your tuition from an employer, colleges offer unique loans, scholarships and grants to those that enroll in their institutions. You should also spend a great deal of time researching options from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. With millions of Americans lacking access to even the most basic health care that they need, the HRSA is doing everything it can to encourage students to pursue a health care degree and practice in areas that need them most. With loans, scholarships and loan repayment options offered to students, you should find plenty of assistance within their site. Pay special attention to the loan repayment plans. They offer large payments towards your debt if you work in an underserved area over the course of a two year commitment.

Nursing Colleges in OK

The University of Oklahoma College of Nursing

The goals of the UOCON is to support the mission of the parent University. The goals are to educate professional nurses at the undergraduate and graduate levels, advance nursing knowledge through research and creative activities and provide a diverse health-related professional service on state and global levels. Striving to be the leader in nursing education, research, and practice innovation, UOCON combines interdisciplinary collaborations, evidence-based practice and “doing the right thing” for students, faculty and the community. Access to education, community driven needs and leadership development will guide you on a path to become a leader in this constantly changing field. With loads of hands on learning, a text book won’t be the main focus of your education, experience will.

Oklahoma State Approved Nursing Programs

If the colleges listed here don’t meet your personal or professional needs, you may want to explore the options listed on this site. Every state approved nursing education program for registered nurses at an associate’s degree level is listed. You will find links, locations, phone numbers and other valuable information that will help you ensure your education is one that will meet your goals on every level.