Nursing Schools in Hawaii

Entering the nursing profession will put you in a position that allows you to grow in your career at the pace that you choose. Many registered nurses start off with a diploma or certificate program and continue their education throughout their career. To be clear, you earn a registered nursing license upon completing the NCLEX-RN exam which can be taken upon completion of the previously mentioned programs. Some students decide to pursue an associate’s degree or BSN before taking the NCLEX-RN, but you may want to consider working your way through your education and earning your RN license early will give you some advantages as you move through your career.

Hawaii has less nurses working relative to the population of the state than the national average. If you were to pursue an associate’s degree, for example, you could start working as a registered nurse as soon as you are licensed and continue your education as you work. Some nurses are happy with an associate’s, others continue on to BSN, MSN or even DNP degrees. The choice is up to you, but the higher you go with your education the higher income you can expect and the more likely you are to move up to positions that hold more responsibility in the field.

In Hawaii, registered nurses should expect to earn around $85,000 a year. This number is based on education and experience, so keep in mind that this average may be higher than you will see when you start. As you add experience and education to your resume you will meet or surpass that number. Consider Altres Medical or Kapiolani Medical Center in Honolulu and St. Francis Healthcare System in Ewa Beach as potential employers early in your career. Each ranks among the top 20 employers in the state across all industries and they may offer benefits such as tuition reimbursement that can help cover some of the financial stress that comes along with an education.


Many colleges offer unique loans, grants and scholarships to students that attend their facilities and you should make sure that that is one of your priorities as you look at potential educational institutes. In addition, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Health Resources and Services Administration offers a number of financial assistance options to you. Loans and scholarships are numerous, but pay special attention to loan repayment plans. Because millions of Americans lack the basic health care that they need due to the lack of health care professionals in their area, the HRSA offers graduates contracts to work in these underserved areas. Upon completion of the contract, the student will see a large chunk of their loans paid off by the department.


Hawaii Pacific University

HPU was founded in 1965 and has grown to become the state’s leading private, non-profit university with over 7,000 students currently enrolled. With a diverse student population from all states in the country and over 80- countries represented, you will learn in an environment that brings views from all corners of the globe into focus. HPU has received a number of accolades for academic excellence, international diversity and affordability in the private education on offer. Combining the excitement of an urban downtown campus and the serenity of a residential campus set in the green foothills of the windward side of the island, the high-tech labs and executive classrooms will give you an environment designed to make learning the focus, not struggling with the tools of your education. With alumni chapters around the world with which you can network upon graduation, there are few schools that offer you the benefits in your education and once you start your career as Hawaii Pacific University.

University of Hawaii at Manoa

Offering an education at the premier nursing and dental hygiene school in the State of Hawaii, you will find a campus located in Manoa that surrounds you with the beauty of the state and the diversity of the students. With instructional, clinical and research activities used to enhanced the health and care of the diverse populations of Hawaii and the Asia-Pacific region, your education will prepare you for working in your community in a very focused way. With the ability to earn a BSN, MSN and DNP or PhD in Nursing, the University of Hawaii at Manoa will give you the education you need no matter what your goals are.