Nursing Schools in Florida

Earning a degree in nursing will do more for your future than just about any degree you could pursue. The primary reason for this bold statement is the fact that our growing and aging population is finding it harder and harder to find even the most basic health care to meet their needs. Registered nurses make up the backbone of the health care industry and earning a degree of any level will put you in high demand with employers all over the country. You will find that you can earn a RN license by passing the NCLEX-RN exam, which you can prepare for by earning a certificate or diploma. What you should focus on is how easy it will be to continue towards a BSN, MSN or doctoral program once you decide to continue your education. Speak with your school (once you choose one) about the possibilities. Keep in mind that BSN to RN programs are becoming increasingly popular, so you should have little difficulty climbing the educational ladder when you are ready.

Florida registered nurses enjoy an income averaging $62,000 a year. This number will be directly impacted by your experience and education, so it is very wise to gain as much experience as possible while you work towards the degree that you have chosen. A great way to ensure you can do this is by finding entry level positions at some of the top employers in Florida and make your goals clear. You will often find that employers will offer tuition assistance to help you continue your education as you will become an even more useful member of their team as you skills and knowledge in the field increase.

In Florida, the highest percentage of RNs working relative to the population of the city are in Gainesville, Punta Gorda and Sebastian. Orlando, Fort Walton Beach and Fort Lauderdale have the lowest number of registered nurses working relative to the population. If income is the most important thing to you, look to Miami, Cape Coral and Naples as they have RNs earning the highest median salary in the state. You should also look to employers such as the Florida Hospital Orlando in Orlando, Memorial Regional Hospital in Hollywood, Baptist Medical Center in Jacksonville and St. Joseph’s Hospital in Tampa, which all rank among the top 20 employers across all industries in the state.


Outside of tuition assistance from employers, you will also find that colleges offer unique scholarships, loans and grants to students that attend their facilities. Make sure that you talk to schools about their offerings as you start to explore learning institutions. You can also turn to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Health Resources and Services Administration to help offset some of the financial investment that your education will require. Because millions of Americans lack even the most basic health care that they need due to a lack of health care professionals, the HRSA offers loan, scholarships and loan repayment plans to students entering the nursing field. Loan repayment options are the most important consideration as you will work in an underserved area for a number of years (generally two) upon graduation. Once you complete the contract a large portion of your loan will be paid off. Don’t allow these benefits to slide by as they can give you a huge head start on building a comfortable future upon graduation.


University of Florida College of Nursing

UFCON aspires to be a model of excellence, recognized nationally and internationally, for dynamic programs of research, creative approaches to practice and innovative education. The school is committed to preparing nurses to take leadership roles as clinicians, educators and scientists that reflect and care for a diverse society. A focus on interdisciplinary collaboration and fostering an improved healthy lifestyle for individuals, families and communities will be the backbone of your education. As part of the flagship university, you will have access to top-notch interdisciplinary Health Science Center and centers and institutes like the Evelyn F. and William L. McKnight Brain Institute of UF, the UF Shands Cancer Center, the UF Institute on Aging and the UF Genetics Institute. This will ensure that your education teaches you to work with others in the health care profession and will give you the skills and knowledge to lead and inspire others throughout your career.

University of South Florida College of Nursing

At USFCON you will be part of a transforming healthcare and lives way of learning. The school’s mission is to ensure that the nursing leaders of tomorrow enter the field with the most complete education possible. Your goals will be to improve the health of individuals, families and communities through creative educational, research and clinical practice initiatives. You will have access to Interprofessional initiatives that improve health on a national and global leadership level. You will also learn to embrace a culture of integrity and engagement that sustains an environment making USF one of the best places to learn and work.