Nursing Schools in North Dakota

Nursing is one of the fastest growing job markets around. This is due primarily to the shortage of health care professionals that are able to care for our growing and aging population. As more and more individuals enter retirement age, or later years in their life, their need for health care access increases. With the current shortage, it is expected to take at least a decade for the need for nursing professionals to subside in any way at all. You also will benefit from this shortage in many ways, which will be discussed later in this article. First, you should decide how you wish to pursue your registered nursing degree.

Many RNs start by earning a certification or diploma program that will give access to the NCLEX-RN licensing exam. Upon completion, you will become a licensed registered nurse and can start working as such. From there, most nurses continue their education, while working, ensuring that they are bringing both experience and higher education to future position.

In North Dakota, around 9,000 registered nurses support the population of almost 700,000 people. You can see why the need for talented registered nurses is so high right now. As the backbone of the health care industry, you will be responsible for assisting patients and doctors on both sides of the health care spectrum. Ensuring that patients are able to comfortably and quickly discuss their issues with the doctor and making sure the doctor has the information he needs to provide the required care are the key factors that you will handle each day.

Registered nurses in North Dakota earn an average income of $54,000 a year. You’ll learn that experience, education, employer and location will factor into where you fall in that average a great deal. Make sure that you follow the correct path for your personal goals and you will land where you want on the pay scale quicker than you may expect. Use the following information to ensure that you work in an area that makes the most sense for your goals. Bismarck has the highest percentage of working registered nurses relative to the population of the city, but Fargo brings up the lowest percentage in this category. Use this information to help make your job search more efficient. You will also find that Grand Forks offers the highest median salaries, so while there may be a bit more competition for positions in Grand Forks, the payoff may be worth it.

You will also want to look for the right employer for your goals. Altru Health Systems in Grand Forks, Altru’s Outreach Therapy in Devils Lake, St. Alexius Medical Center and Medcenter One Health Systems in Bismarck, Trinity Hospital-Pathology in Minot, and Sanford Fargo Emergency Center in Fargo rank among the top 20 employers in the state. These employers should be a good starting point for your job search and will offer a number of benefits. Look for tuition reimbursement or assistance options to make the most of your employment and you should find the financial strain of your employment will be a much smaller issue than you anticipated.

Paying for Nursing College

You are sure to find some assistance towards your education from your employer, but you should also look to colleges for the unique scholarships, grants and loans they offer students that enroll in their institutions. In addition, look to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services for a wide array of loans, scholarships and loan repayment plans that are offered to nursing students. Of special note are the loan repayment plans that offer students large payments towards their educational debts upon completion of a two year commitment in an underserved area. Millions of Americans lack access to even the most basic health care and the loan repayment plans were put into place to help combat that problem. You’ll earn a hefty amount of assistance towards your loans and gain invaluable experience that will take you even further in your career.

Nursing Colleges in ND

University of North Dakota Nursing and Professional Disciplines

The College of Nursing and Professional disciplines has a special mission within UND to educate individuals for professional roles in nursing. With a goal to enhance the health of the people in the region through education of nursing leaders and through innovative, accessible programs, the significant faculty and student scholarship and service that you will experience through this program will prepare you for a nursing career in ways that most colleges simply can’t. Your education won’t come just from a text book, but will focus on the unique hands-on learning that is found in a school that emphasizes integration of research, teaching, practice and service of the population of the region. You will receive your education in a culturally inclusive environment that will push you towards critical thinking and intellectual inquiry. An education within UND will also extend past a BSN if you so desire. You can continue your education within in the school to earn your MSN or PhD giving you a complete education from beginning to end.

North Dakota State College of Science

The practical nursing program offered to students at this college will give you a perfect starting point for your career. You will earn an AAS that will prepare you to start your career early and continue your education while gaining experience from the employer of your choice. With a strong tradition of service to the state and region, practical nurses will work in a variety of settings upon graduation. Your education will also give you the credits you need to transfer easily into an associate or bachelor’s program which will make the beginning of your career that much easier and stress free.