Nursing Schools in New York

Nursing is set to move as the number one career in growth over the next decade. The driving factor behind this growth is our aging and expanding population. The amount of health care that is needed by our population is growing faster than the health care professionals can keep up with. In addition, millions of Americans lack access to the most basic of health care which causes an even bigger crisis in the health industry. With health care reform on the horizon, employers are looking for well-educated and experienced nurses to make up the backbone of the health care industry.

In New York there are currently 175,000 registered nurses working in the state. That number needs to support a population of over 19 million individuals. As you can see, there is a serious shortage of health care professionals to keep up with the demand of the population of the state. On average, registered nurses in New York earn almost $75,000 a year. To increase the amount you earn, experience and education will be key. Many registered nurses start their careers by earning a diploma or certification program which enables them to pass the NCLEX-RN licensing exam. Doing this allows them to start working as a licensed registered nurse in under two years. Upon licensing and finding employment, you can follow this path to continue your education towards a BSN, MSN, DNP or PhD in nursing. You will even find that employers are often happy to offer tuition assistance as you work towards these goals.

If you are willing to relocate, keep the following information in mind. The highest percentage of registered nurses relative to the population are in Utica, Binghamton and Elmira. On the other side of the coin, New York, Ithaca and Syracuse see the lowest percentage of registered nurses relative to the population. You will find that New York, Nassau and Poughkeepsie offer the highest median income to those working in the city.

You should also look at potential employers as early as possible. Even if you aren’t already registered as a nurse, you may find entry level positions available at employers throughout the state. Catholic Health services in Rockville Center, Cohen Children’s Hospital and Long Island Jewish Medical Center in New Hyde Park, Beth Israel Medical Center in New York, and Albany Medical Center in Albany rank among the top 20 emp0loyers in the state regardless of industry. Each of these employers should be a good starting point for your career, and as previously mentioned may assist you in tuition responsibilities.

Paying for College

Colleges often offer unique scholarships, loans and grants to students that attend their courses. Keep this in mind as you start to explore your educational options. In addition, look to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services as they have a wide array of options to help you pay for your education. You will find loans, scholarships and loan repayment plans listed on their site, but pay special attention to the loan repayment options. By working in an underserved area over the course of a two year commitment the HRSA will help you pay off a large portion of your school loans. In addition to the financial gains you earn by taking on this challenge, you will also gain valuable experience that will make you a key member of your future employer’s teams.

Nursing Colleges in NY

New York University College of Nursing

NYUCN is committed to producing lifelong learners in the nursing field that will quickly become recognized as leaders in the industry. You will learn to keep health and welfare of your community and the society at the forefront of your values as you provide patient-centered care. The school was started in 1932 and reflects the intellectual curiosity, dynamism and quality characteristics of its parent school, NYU. The nursing programs range from BSN, MSN, DNP and PhD and will provide the educational foundation that you need to lead the next generation of nurses into the future of this ever evolving industry. With an overall mission that is consistent with high-quality innovations for the nursing profession, the faculty prides themselves on living their mission and values daily. Ranked 5th in research funding from the National Institute of Health, you will earn an education that few colleges can offer that is holistic and scientific at the same time.

York College

A college that is dedicated to offering you the options you need to earn your BSN as quickly as you wish creates an educational environment that will prepare you for the stresses of everyday nursing. With two tracks in the BSN program, you will chose how best to earn your education. The first is a generic program that provides all general education and professional coursework to enable you to earn your bachelor’s degree in Nursing and qualify to take the NCLEX-RN. The second option allows you to follow a path that is exclusively designed to prepare you to become a registered nurse. With a focus on preparing you to become a profession practitioner of nursing and provide a foundation for graduate study in the field York College ensures that your education is streamlined to help you get started in the field as soon as possible.