Nursing Schools in New Mexico

With a total of just over 15,000 registered nurses supporting a population of over 2 million people in New Mexico, it should be clear why this is a career that is expected to see alarming growth over the next decade. Many registered nurses get their start in the field in as little as two years. They accomplish this by completing a diploma or certification program, passing the NCLEX-RN to become a licensed nurse and then find gainful employment as they continue their education. You can follow this same path and work the career you have chosen while continuing your education towards a BSN, MSN, DNP or PhD in Nursing.

Registered nurses earn an average income of almost $67,000 a year in New Mexico, making this one of the most well paid careers for the amount of time required. Your actual salary will vary based on the amount of education you gain, the experience you bring to the career, your employer and where you work. You will find that Las Cruces and Farmington have the highest percentage of registered nurses working relative to the population of the state. On the other hand, Albuquerque and Santa Fe have the lowest percentage of registered nurses working relative to the population. If the bottom line is the most important thing to you, look to Albuquerque and Farmington as they offer the highest median salary in the state.

Finding employment early will give you a significant advantage over the course of your career. You will find that the experience that you gain as you continue your education will lead to a higher income and more career advancement opportunities. UNM Children’s Hospital and ABQ Health Partners in Albuquerque, New Mexico Department of Health and St. Vincent Regional Medical Center in Santa Fe rank among the top 20 employers in the state across all industries. You should find employment fairly quickly at any of these employers and the benefits they offer should help you continue your education easily. Most employers will offer some form of tuition assistance that will help lessen the financial burden that is required for a formal education.

Paying for College

Many colleges offer a set of unique loans, grants and scholarships to students that enroll in their courses. Make special note of these options as you start to explore potential educational institutions as the financial aid should be one piece of the puzzle that helps you decide what school is right for you. In addition, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services offers an array of loans, scholarships and loan repayment plans. Pay special attention to the loan repayment plans as they can offer significant relief towards your debt. By working in an underserved location over the course of a two year commitment, you will earn a significant payment towards your loans and gain valuable experience in your career.


University of New Mexico College of Nursing

The vision of this prestigious college is to develop solutions for the most important nursing challenges pertaining to human health and health equity in our communities through education, practice, service and scholarship. You can expect to earn an innovative education, with a focus on practice, research, service and leadership that will improve health on a state, national and global level. With statewide leadership and advocacy in nursing and health policy, you will be part of a team that is leading this ever changing profession into the future. The school produces graduates with nursing expertise that will improve health and promote health equity to New Mexicans through leadership, research, policy and the provision of exceptional health care. The school will also help you develop entrepreneurial and innovative strategies to attract and efficiently manage resources throughout a changing environment.

New Mexico State University School of Nursing

Dynamic undergraduate and graduate programs provide a wide variety of options for nursing students at any point in their education and career paths. Over the past five years, the schools programs have expanded and changed to offer more degree plans at all levels of education and programs are now offered fully online. Located along the United States Mexico Border, a diverse student population provides students with outstanding clinical experiences-acute care and community based experiences. The school is also accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education which should give you the confidence that your education will prepare you for a career that leads to success and holistic care for those that are most in need.