Nursing Schools in Nevada

Nursing is a profession that is in constant need of new graduates. Our population is aging and growing and this is creating a huge demand for talented and educated medical professions. As the backbone of the health care industry, nurses perform a variety of tasks on a daily basis that make the lives of physicians and patients significantly less stressful. On top of that, the education you pursue will be completed as quickly as you want. Earning a diploma or certification and passing the NCLEX-RN licensing exam will take you about two years and once you start working you can continue your education. Many nurses follow this path and work as they continue their education towards a BSN, MSN, DNP or PhD in Nursing. Education and experience are important as you start to pursue advancement in your career and following this path gives you the best of course to earn a great deal of both.

Nevada currently has under 17,000 registered nurses working in the state. Those nurses have to support a population of almost 3 million people. As you can see, the numbers are pretty far off the mark of comfort. Nevada is in more need of nurses than many states and by getting started now, you can become a leader in the field as more and more graduates start their careers. Earning nearly $78,000 a year is a comfortable income for registered nurses, but to make sure you meet or exceed that average, education and experience will be key. Fortunately, work and school go hand in hand in this field, and online degree programs make scheduling your education easier than ever before.

As you start to consider employment options, keep a few things in mind. You may find that Carson City has a bit more competition in the job market as it is the city with the highest percentage of registered nurses working relative to the population. On the other hand Las Vegas has the lowest percentage of registered nurses relative to the population and also offers the highest median salary. You should also look to the following employers as they rank highly among all industries as employers in the state: Renown Regional Medical Center in Reno and Sunrise Children’s Hospital in Las Vegas. In addition to finding employment with large employers, you will also find that they often offer tuition assistance as you continue your education in the nursing profession.

Paying for College

College is an investment of your time and money and to ensure that you reduce the financial strain that is required by an education, you need to turn to every opportunity you can. Many colleges offer unique scholarships, loans and grants to students at their institutions. In addition, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services offers loans, scholarships and loan repayment options to students entering the nursing field. The loan repayment plans should be considered carefully, they should be one of the biggest factors in reducing the debt you owe upon graduation. By working in an underserved area for two years, the HRSA will provide a large sum to put towards the debt you owe. In addition, you earn experience working with those that are most in need of even the most basic health care and this can be a great place to really kick start your career.


Nevada State College School of Nursing

The nursing programs at NSC focus on the central goals of the profession within a caring-based framework. You won’t just learn the science here, you will learn the human side of the job, an important part that is often overlooked. With academic advisors to support you and help you design a course of study that will meet your unique goals, your education will be personalized in a way that makes sense for you. As the newest institution of higher learning in the state, NSC brings cutting-edge technology to its students. You will also have plenty of ways to blow off steam when you need, the Las Vegas Strip is just 15 miles from the campus. In addition, you will find plenty of opportunities to get involved in, such as clubs, the student newspaper and the student government. All of these options lead to a more complete and well-rounded education.

University of Las Vegas School of Nursing

The UNLVSON is home to a large group of students studying a wide range of professions. Your ability to interact with each of these students will give you a more complete and holistic education towards the nursing profession. With expectations set high for students and research, scholarship and creative activity on focus, you are going to be held to a higher standard. This standard extends to nurturing equity, diversity and inclusiveness as well as social, environmental and economic sustainability. You won’t just learn from books, you will learn from the world and people around you. All of this leads to you becoming a nurse that is ready to react to the constantly changing field of health care.