Nursing Schools in Nebraska

Entering the nursing profession is more important today than it has ever been before. With the growth and advancing age of our population, the need for health care professionals is growing at an alarming rate over the next decade. In addition, millions of Americans lack access to even the most basic health care that they need due to the lack of professionals in rural and underserved areas. Entering the field at this point will not only allow you to fill these voids, but it will put you in a position to lead the nursing industry as new graduates enter the field in the coming years.

With under 20,000 registered nurses working in Nebraska, serving a population of nearly 2 million people, the need for nurses in the state is dire. One advantage of this career path is the speed in which you can get started. You can earn a diploma or certification and pass the NCLEX-RN to become a licensed registered nurse in about two years. Upon completion, you can continue your education to earn a degree of your choice, be it a BSN, MSN, DNP or PhD in Nursing. The sky is the limit and you are only held back by the amount of time you wish to spend in school. Many nurses start early, earn experience and slowly gain additional education over years of their career.

In Nebraska, registered nurses earn over $56,000 a year on average. Education, employer, location and experience are going to be the main factors that determine where you fall in that average, so earning experience early is going to give you a significant advantage as you push forward in your career. You should keep a few things in mind as you start to explore locations for employment throughout the state. Omaha has the highest percentage of RNs working relative to the population, while Lincoln has the lowest percentage in the same category. You will find that Omaha offers the highest median salary for registered nurses working in the city, just understand that you may have a bit more competition in the Omaha as you look for employment.

Starting your career as soon as possible gives you the advantage of gaining a great deal of experience quickly. The Health and Human Services Department in Lincoln, University of Nebraska Medical Center and Bergan Mercy Medical Center in Omaha, and St. Elizabeth Regional Medical Center in Lincoln rank among the top 25 employers in the state across all industries. Keep these employers in mind as they may be a perfect place to start as soon as you earn your RN license, or even as an entry level position. The experience you earn through these employers will serve you over your career and they may even offer tuition assistance as you continue your nursing education.

Paying for College

You will find that colleges offer unique scholarships, loans and grants to students that attend their institutions. As you start to explore potential colleges to earn your degree, spend time on that fact to ensure that you are getting the most assistance with the financial burden that is an inevitable part of your education. In addition, look to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services as a potential ally in covering the costs of your education. Here you will find loans, scholarships and loan repayment programs that will ease the financial strain that you will face. Of special note are the loan repayment options. By committing to a two year service contract in an underserved area, the HRSA will cover a large portion of the debt you owe.


The University of Nebraska Medical Center College of Nursing

With a goal of solving Nebraska’s nursing shortage, UNMCSON is educating more nurses faster. By having a higher student capacity, accelerated programs, training nurse educators to assist in the new faculty shortage nationwide, the college is aiming to make a dent in this dire situation. With no end in sight to the deficit in nursing, UNMCSON is aiming to ensuring that they are a respected and affordable college to help students enter this growing field. Health promotion, illness prevention, wider access to basic care, care coordination and more affordable costs are the core mission of nurses since Florence Nightingale and the core values UNMC strives to meet. With a commitment to elevating care quality, patient safety and evidence based practice, new opportunities for nurses to contribute to population health are constantly at the forefront of your education.

Nebraska Methodist College – The Josie Harper Campus

With an education that focuses on preparing students for success Nebraska Methodist College has risen to one of the top 25 nursing and allied health care colleges in the nation. From nursing degrees to careers in Allied Health or other health professions, NMC will ensure your education is unique and complete. Because healthcare education is the only focus of the school, you know that ever resource is dedicated to ensuring that you succeed. With a supportive student environment, expert faculty, and a cutting–edge education both online and on campus, you will graduate with the confidence and education to be a leader in the nursing field, and have the ability to react to the ever changing environment.