Nursing Schools in Mississippi

As the fastest growing career field over the next decade, nursing graduates are enjoying low unemployment and health incomes. The growth shows no signs of slowing down as our population increases and ages. Even with all of the technological breakthroughs in medicine, there are still millions of Americans that lack even the most basic health care that they deserve and need because of a shortage of professionals in the industry. You can enter the field with a certificate or diploma that can be earned in less than two years. If you wish to continue your education to earn a higher level degree, you will find plenty of support from employers throughout the state.

Mississippi registered nurses earn an average salary of nearly $60,000 a year. That income is based on experience and education and ensuring that you bring as much of both as possible to a new position with an employer will enhance the amount of income you should expect. Earning experience isn’t always the easiest thing to do, but by looking for entry level positions, or taking the above mentioned certification programs and passing the NCLEX-RN you can start your career early while you continue your education. You will find that many employers will even offer tuition assistance to employees as it gives them a more knowledgeable, skilled and educated team of health care professionals.

As you start to explore potential employers, pay attention to a few key pieces of information that could make your job hunt much easier. Hattiesburg and Pascagoula both have the highest number of working registered nurses relative to the population, but you can find the opposite in Gulfport and Jackson which both have the lowest number of RNs relative to the population. You will find, though, that Jackson and Gulfport offer the highest median salaries to registered nurses working in the city.

The University of Mississippi Medical Center in Jackson, North Mississippi Medical Center in Tupelo, Forrest General Hospital in Hattiesburg, Baptist Medical Center in Jackson and Memorial Hospital in Gulfport rank among the top 15 employers in the state across all industries. Look to these employers as potential places to start earning experience, even if you need to start in non-registered nursing entry level positions.

Paying for College

In addition to assistance from employers, you will also find that colleges offer a wide range of unique scholarships, loans and occasional grants to students attending their facilities. In addition, take advantage of the offers that the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has available for nursing students. You will find loans, scholarships and loan repayment options from a variety of sources through the site. Pay special attention to loan repayment plans as they offer you large amounts of “forgiveness” towards your debt once you meet a two year commitment working in an underserved area. Doing this allows the department to ensure some basic health care is being offered to those that need it most as they rarely have access to any at all.


The University of Mississippi Medical Center School of Nursing

As the state’s flagship nursing school, UMSON offers bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral nursing programs. As the only university located on an academic health science campus, you will have a variety of advantages from unparalleled clinical and classroom learning environments. An interactive, student-focused technology education with extensive opportunities for interdisciplinary collaboration in clinical practice and research will prepare you for a career in nursing that few other colleges offer. You will find a highly qualified, expert faculty that focuses on excellence in teaching and life-long learning in an evidence-based practice and research-intensive environment. Innovative partnerships and unique community-based systems serving vulnerable populations will allow you to learn in ways that no text book can handle on its own.

Mississippi State Approved Schools

The Mississippi State Board of Nursing also hosts a site that list all state approved courses and schools. If the schools listed here do not offer what you are looking for, explore the options through this site. While inter-state schools are not listed on the site (such as large online colleges) you can find local colleges that you can visit and explore. As you are preparing to make a huge step towards your future, it is best that you put a great deal of research into the schools that you are most interested in, and this article could not offer every school available. Use this resource to enhance your understanding of what options are available.