Nursing Schools in Maryland

As our population grows and ages, the need for health care becomes much more important than ever before. This is why so many students are pursuing nursing degrees at all levels. From certification programs to PhDs in Nursing, the sky is the limit and you can work while you earn your education with very little issue. With traditional campus based educations growing to support the influx of an increased student base and innovative online programs that prepare students for a rapidly changing career, it is not just the best time to earn a degree in nursing, it may be the easiest time to earn it.

Maryland registered nurses earn an average of $71,000 a year. To ensure you fall on the high end of that average you will need to combine education and experience. Fortunately, you should have very little trouble finding an employer to earn your experience and as already mentioned, finding a way to go to school while you work is easier than ever these days. Maryland is just below the national average when it comes to the amount of RNs relative to the population of the state, so there is plenty of room for growth in the field.

As you start to explore areas you may wish to work, it is important to know what cities are in need of your talents and education. Cumberland and Salisbury have the highest number of RNs working relative to the population, but Bethesda and Hagerstown rank among the lowest number of RNs relative to the population. You can also find the highest median income in Bethesda and Baltimore, so it may be worth exploring these options as you start to look for employment that will let you make the most of your career.

Finding a city to call home during your career is important, but you also want to work for an employer that is going to offer you the best options. University-Maryland Medical Center in Baltimore, Care First Inc. in Owings Mills, and John Hopkins University in Laurel rank among the top 20 employers across all industries in the state. As you start to explore these potential employers, you should pay special attention to the type of benefits they offer, especially tuition assistance or reimbursement. Employers want the most highly trained staff they can find and they will often offer assistance if you plan to continue your education.


Learning institutes offer a wide range of unique scholarships, loans and grants that are specifically for their students. Keep this in mind as you start to explore the colleges and schools that you may attend and ensure that this information is covered during your research. You should also explore the options offered by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. With an array of loans, scholarships and loan repayment options, you should find plenty of financial assistance towards your education through their service. The reason they offer so much assistance is because millions of Americans lack access to the most basic health care services because they live in areas that are no supported by enough health care professionals. Pay special attention to loan repayment options as they can pay off large portions of your loan. You simply work under a commitment (usually two years) in an underserved area and upon completion the department will pay a large portion of your loan off for you.


University of Maryland School of Nursing

The UMSON shares a 61-acre campus in downtown Baltimore with the University of Maryland. Six other professional schools are all available including: Dentistry, Law, Medicine, Pharmacy, Social Work and Graduate School. With the close proximity to the Maryland Medical Center, University of Maryland Biotechnology Institute, UM BioPark and Baltimore VA Medical Center, your education will include a wide range of professional students that will impact your education in ways you never expected. As a national leader in health sciences research, patient care, and public service, the school was awarded $567 million in extramural funding in 2010. You will also find that classes are conducted at the University System of Maryland regional center at Shady Grove in Rockville. This gives you access to a unique learning experience that is not just interdisciplinary, but also full of networking opportunities that few other schools can offer.

Notre Dame of Maryland University School of Nursing

With a focus on preparing students to become professional and compassionate nurses in an intimate classroom environment, NDMSON ensures that graduates are ready to face the challenges that the nursing career offers. Expect plenty of hand-on experience during your education as you work towards your BSN or MSN. With programs small enough to transform individual students through reflective practice, engaging and challenging discussion and mentoring from the schools top-notch faculty, you will find a place that ensures your education is a focused and rewarding one. You will also see that the school is large enough to help you transform the world through service learning and opportunities to study abroad. Graduates from Notre Dame often become leaders in academic and services settings as well as health-related organization.