Nursing Schools in Kentucky

Registered nursing is the number one career for growth over the next decade according to many reports. This is mainly due to the complete lack of care millions of Americans have access to. As registered nurses make up the backbone of health care, you will find that you are in a position to find gainful employment before you even graduate and they will wait for you to pass your NCLEX-RN to start working for them. In addition, you can get started in just a couple of years and continue your education as you work. The experience you earn during your education will go a long way in making you an even more desirable candidate for many employers and your biggest problem may be decided which offer to take.

Kentucky registered nurses earn an average income of $57,500 a year. To ensure you rank as highly as possible in that average, combine your education with your experience. You will find that many employers will assist your financial investment in your education as part of a plan to help you become a more well educated and talented member of their team. Look at possible employment with UK Chandler Hospital in Lexington, Kosair Children’s Hospital in Louisville, King’s Daughters Home Healthcare in Ashland, Baptist Hospital East in Saint Matthews, Medical Center Bowling Green in Bowling Green and Baptist Health Madisonville in Madisonville as they all rank among the top 20 employers in the state across all industries.

You will also find that Owensboro and Lexington have the highest percentage of registered nurses working relative to the population of the city. On the other hand, Bowling Green and Louisville are in need of more nurses as they have the lowest percentage of RNs working. Louisville and Lexington both offer the highest median salaries for registered nurses, so it may be worth keeping that information in mind if you are willing to relocate to find the best employment possible.


In addition to the tuition reimbursement or assistance that many employers offer, you will find that many colleges offer unique loans, scholarships and grants to students attending their college. You will also find that the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) offers a plethora of loans, scholarships and loan repayment options. The loan repayment options will be very important upon graduation. They offer large payments towards your loan upon completion of a contract (usually 2 years) to work in an underserved area. Make sure you spend the appropriate amount of time researching these options to reduce the amount of financial burden that comes with an education.


Kentucky Board of Nursing

One of the best resources for nurses looking to enter the field in Kentucky is the Kentucky Board of Nursing. Here you will find a full list of all approved educational institutions at all levels of nursing programs. From LPN to BSN programs, you will find plenty of information about the schools and what they offer through this site. If the other schools listed here do not work for what your goals are, explore this site in depth to see what other options are available in and out of state.