Nursing Schools in Kansas

With millions of Americans struggling to find access to the most basic health care throughout the country, the need for nursing degree graduates is greater now than ever before. By earning a degree in nursing and entering the field as a registered nurse, you will be a key player in ensuring people from all communities have access to the care that will help them lead longer, healthier lives. You can enter the field as early as you wish (through diploma and certification programs) and continue your education to any level you prefer. Many nurses start with the basic requirements and pass the NCLEX-RN to earn their license as a registered nurse, then they move on to earn BSN, MSN, DNP or PhD degrees as they work. Employers will work with their registered nurses that are continuing their education and may even offer tuition assistance to help build loyalty to the company. This is a win-win situation for both student and employer as the student becomes more knowledgeable and skilled in their career and the employer employers the best nurses possible.

With less than 30,000 registered nurses supporting nearly 3 million Kansas residents, you can already see how much need there is for more RNs in the state. As of 2011, only 166 medical school graduates entered the working environment which means that there are not enough new graduates to keep up with the need. By earning your degree and entering the field you will be able to help overcome this need.

Iowa registered nurses earn an average income of almost $56,000 a year and to ensure you earn the most possible you will need to combine experience and education. To do this, working while you are in school should be a focus. Upon graduation, you will bring a great deal of experience along with your education and employers will appreciate this part of your resume a great deal.

Via Christi Hospital in Wichita, Ku Medical Center in Kansas City and Medical Center in Shawnee Mission rank among the top 20 employers in the state across all industries and should be carefully considered as potential employers. You may find that they offer a wide range of benefits, including tuition assistance, which should make your education that much easier to cover financially. In addition, Topeka has the highest number of registered nurses relative to the population of the city while the lowest percentage is found in Lawrence. Keep this in mind if you are willing to relocate and want to help areas that are underserved. Topeka does offer the highest median salary to registered nurses, but that could lead to a more fierce competition in the job market.


In addition to the assistance that employers will offer, you will find that many colleges offer unique scholarships, loans and grants to students attending their facilities. You may also want to turn to the Kansas State Nurses Association as they will offer a wide range of tools to help you make the most of your education and career. Here you can find a network of nurses that have worked in the field for years and may have advice on ways you can offset some of the financial investment that comes with your education. Finally, look at the options offered by the Department of Health and Human Services Health Resources and Services Administration as they will offer a wide range of loans, scholarships and loan repayment options. The loan repayment options should be a big focus upon graduation. These options are designed to pay off large portions of your loans upon completion of a contract to work in areas that lack the necessary health care to ensure the population is cared for. The contracts are usually around two years long and the repayment towards your loan is sizable.


The University of Kansas School of Nursing

The KU School of Nursing is the home to the American Nurses Association National Database of Nursing Quality Indicators. More than 1800 hospitals across the nation participate in this program. As a student, you will also cooperate with the School of Health Professions, manage the Silver City Health Center, and work with a nurse-manager safety net clinic that provides primary care to those that are underinsured or uninsured in Kansas City. In addition the school is spearheading the Kansas Action Coalition that integrates the IOM’s Future of Nursing Report recommendations to shape health care policy at all levels. A unique partnership is also formed with the Cerner Corporation which has allowed the school to pioneer a live clinical health information system in the learning environment for nursing students.

Washburn University School of Nursing

At WUSON you will find exceptional undergraduate and graduate education programs. Nurses of the school are making significant contributions in the delivery of health care to the people of Kansas and other communities nationwide and throughout the world. The school is a major academic unit within Washburn University and is responsible for determining its own professional curriculum and instruction. You will gain an education in a large school setting with a small schools atmosphere.