Nursing Schools in Idaho

The health care profession is facing something of a crisis. While the population is growing and aging and more people need access to health care, the number of new professionals entering the field is not keeping up with the demand. Regardless of the level of nursing degree you plan to pursue, consider entering the field as soon as possible so that you can start to build the experience that will make you stand out in the field and let you lead nursing into the future as breakthroughs and new practices are put into place. You can enter the field upon completion of a diploma or certification program and completion of the NCLEX-RN exam and then continue your education as you work. Many employers will even offer tuition assistance if you pursue higher level degrees.

Idaho is below the national average of nursing working in the field relative to the population of the state. This means that you will have little trouble finding employment as soon as you graduate. Considering the low cost of living in the state, the average income for registered nurses is very comfortable. The average income of registered nurses in Idaho is $60,000 a year, and to ensure you meet or exceed that number you should focus on adding as much experience and education to your resume as possible.

The state also has a few cities that are bloated with registered nurses and a few that are in dire need of professionals. Lewiston and Boise have the highest number of registered nurses relative to the population of the city, but Coeur d’Alene and Idaho Falls are on the opposite end with the lowest number of RNs working in the city relative to the population. You will also find that Pocatello and Boise offer the highest median salary to registered nurses. All of this information should help you target your job search more specifically to what your goals are. For employment, look to St. Luke’s Regional Medical Center and St. Alphonsus Medical Center in Boise, Kootenai Medical Center in Coeur d’Alene and St. Luke’s Magic Valley Medical Center in Twin Falls as they rank among the top 20 employers in the state across all industries. In addition, you may find that they offer tuition assistance as mentioned previously.


Colleges offer a wide range of unique scholarships, grants and loans to students that attend their facilities so keep that at the top of your questions list as you start to look at potential learning institutes. Colleges alone will often not cover the full cost of your education, but there is assistance from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Health Resources and Services Administration. The HRSA offers loans, scholarships and loan repayment options to students entering the nursing field. The important thing to focus on is the loan repayment options as they can “erase” large amounts of your educational debt. By signing a contract to work in an underserved area for a number of years, large amounts of your debt will be paid off for you upon completion of the contract.


The College of Idaho

Striving to become the best small college in the west, The College of Idaho is the state’s oldest private college. Students enjoy small classes taught by outstanding faculty that focus on a tight-knit community. The college’s innovative PEAK curriculum will push you to attain skills in the four areas that are most important in your field: fine arts and humanities, natural sciences and mathematics, social sciences and history and preparation to enter the field as a professional with a complete education that few other colleges offer. You will also enjoy the beautiful residential campus that will be the backdrop of your unique education.

Idaho State University School of Nursing

ISU is the premier colleges in Idaho with their School of Nursing highly respected throughout the country. The mission is to prepare the next nurse leaders that integrate education, service and research to enhance the quality of life for a diverse, rural population. The focus is on the human side of nursing and the ISUSON uses a unique approach to preparing undergraduates and graduates students to the same ends. Moving through your education, however far you wish to take it, will all be made natural through this schools unique programs of education.