Nursing Schools in Alabama

Nursing is constantly in need throughout the country. Alabama is a perfect example of the reasons that so many students are turning to all levels of nursing degree programs. With a total of 229 medical school graduates in 2011 and only 45,000 registered nurses working in the state, the numbers are not enough to keep up with the nearly 5 million people living in the state. More nurses are needed to keep up with the growing and aging population and you may be surprised how much easier it is to find assistance towards the financial investments required for your education and how easy it is to fit school into your schedule these days.

On average, Alabama registered nurses earn $55,000 a year. Depending on education level and experience you may fall above that level, so working your way through school to gain additional experience in the field may be something worth considering. You will find that the cities with the highest percentage of RNs relative to population are Gadsden, Florence and Dothan. You’ll find the lowest percentage of working registered nurses relative to the population in Auburn, Montgomery and Huntsville. For the highest average salary look to Anniston, Montgomery and Birmingham.

While you can gain experience before actually becoming a registered nurse, you may want to look at an associate’s level degree or even a diploma program to help you pass the NCLEX-RN exam that gives you the designation. Earning that will let you start your career and earn experience as you continue your education to enhance your skills and increase your income, growth potential and job opportunities. Huntsville Hospital in Huntsville, University Hospital-UAB in Birmingham, DCH Regional Medical Center in Tuscaloosa and Providence Hospital in Mobile rank amongst the top 20 employers in the state across all industries. Look at these employers as possible places to start your career.

Paying for College

Your best resource for covering the expenses of your education can be found at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Health Resources and Services Administration. Because of the millions of Americans that lack even the most basic health care, the HRSA offers a wide variety of loans, scholarships and loan repayment or forgiveness programs. Explore everything they have to offer to take the stress out of a large amount of your educational investment.

You will also want to explore each college’s unique loans, scholarships and grants. You will find unique financial assistance from many schools so ensure that is part of what you look at as you start to explore colleges.

Associate Programs

Alabama Southern Community College, Monroeville

You will find a highly qualified faculty and small class sizes lead to big academic rewards at Alabama Southern. With dozens of chances to become involved in social and leadership activities, your education will include more than simple book learning, you will learn to lad and interact with teams from multiple professions.

Bishop State Community College, Mobile

A part of the Alabama Community College System, the state-supported network of two-year community, junior and technical colleges, you’ll find more than you may expect from your network of colleges included in this college. With online and traditional campus based studied, you’ll find the schedule that works for you without an issue.

Central Alabama Community College, Childersburg

A multi-campus community college providing quality student-driven educational opportunities to enhance the lives of those the college serves, earning an associate’s will give you the start you need. With a big university feel and the size and community of a smaller community college, Central Alabama gives you an education to be proud of.

Northeast Alabama Community College Department of Nursing, Rainsville

As one of the leading community colleges in the South, NACC offers an educational program that includes outstanding technical/career and academic transfer programs, all at an affordable price. With a faculty that takes personal pride in the achievements of their students, you can trust that your education will prepare you for a brighter future.


Oakwood University, Huntsville

If you are looking to continue your education to earn your bachelor’s degree, or wish to enjoy the full four-year college experience, OU may be the school for you. As a faith based college with a focus on cutting edge education, you’ll combine the history and faith of the school with breakthroughs in medical technology.

Master’s and Clinical Doctorate

Troy University College of Health and Human Services, Troy

Offering a full education for students interested in bachelor’s to clinical doctorate programs in the nursing field, you’ll find that Troy University offers you the full college experience that prepares you to be a leader in the industry upon graduation. Committed to meeting the challenge of the next decade, your education will emphasize quality teaching and value scholarly activity. You’ll focus on knowledgeable, caring, responsive and self-directed care towards others needs and will become a diverse leader through change, advocacy and within the community.