RN to MSN Programs in Delaware

Registered nurses make up the core of the medical community, and they are in abundance in the state of Delaware. As a result of that, you may find it difficult to land work as an RN in Delaware because the competition is fierce. Instead of settling for whatever comes your way, why not take a few steps to ensure that you will have a job in the future? You can do that by getting a master of science in nursing. Let’s take a look at how RN to MSN programs in Delaware may change your path in life.

Why Get an MSN?

The primary factor that leads people to higher education is the prospect of better jobs. If you became a registered nurse with an associate’s degree in nursing, you will likely make $59,074 a year in Delaware. Spend the time to get a master’s degree, and you may be earning $81,546 a year or more. Advanced practice nurses in this part of the country earn an average of $94,250 a year, which is significantly higher than staff nurses making $49,537 a year. It’s easy to see the benefits of getting an MSN.

Job Prospects for MSN Degrees in Delaware

The job prospects for master’s degree holders in DE are fantastic. Only 14% of RNs in the state of Delaware have a master’s degree, making you one of a handful of people who can do certain jobs. While the hospital vacancy rate for nurse practitioners has reduced significantly over the years, there are still expansive opportunities in 4% of this state’s hospitals. Add to this the demand Delaware’s growing population will create, and you should have no issues finding a job with an MSN.

RN to MSN Program Overview

Each MSN is set up to accommodate a certain type of job. Common examples include nurse practitioner, nurse educator, clinical nurse leader, and more. All of these roles require unique skills, so your degree will be tailor fit to suit your plans for the future. Along the way, you will probably take classes like Statistics, Advance Nurse Role, Health Assessment, Genetic Concepts, Human Growth and Development, Nursing and Healthcare Trends, and Nutrition.

Once you have gone through your RN to MSN program, you will need to apply for licensure through the Delaware State Board of Nursing. This will take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months to approve, and then you can start looking for work. If you would like to get into a job your degree isn’t suited for, you can enroll in a corresponding post-master’s certificate program. You may also consider getting a doctorate, if your job requires you to do so.

Popular Delaware RN to MSN Programs

Don’t let Delaware’s size fool you. This state has a number of respectable nursing programs you could succeed in. Some of the most popular Delaware RN to MSN programs include:

  • Widener University: Widener offers many exciting graduate programs for nursing students. You may obtain a master’s degree, doctorate, or post-master’s certificate through this school.
  • Wesley College: WC offers a true RN to MSN program that takes about four years to complete. After that, you may also obtain a post-master’s certificate through the school.
  • University of Delaware: This school offers fully online degrees, as well as hybrid programs that involve some classroom studies. It has several specialties to look into, including various tracks for nurse practitioners.

If a campus based program does not suit your needs, you may also try going to school online. This will let you work as an RN and maintain your current schedule without having to give up your education. You can take classes in your free time and complete your degree at your own pace. Find an accredited graduate school to attend, and you’ll be set.