RN to MSN Programs in Alaska

There is only so much you can do as a registered nurse, no matter how good you are at your job. While you can find consistent work with nothing more than an associate’s degree to your name, you will have much better opportunities on hand if you go back to school. An RN to MSN program will allow you to earn a master of science in nursing in just a few short years, opening countless doors for you in the future. All you have to do is commit to your education, and you’ll be set for life. Here is an overview of RN to MSN programs in Alaska so you can decide if this is right for you.

Why Get an MSN?

Getting an MSN will allow you to work in the upper levels of the medical field. You could find employment as a nurse educator, nurse practitioner, clinical nurse leader, nurse anesthetist, and much more. The average MSN holder in Alaska makes $74,167 a year, with much higher paying opportunities available over time. This is much higher than the average ADN holder, which makes about $59,000 a year. Not only will you have higher paying job opportunities, but you will also have an easier time getting work because of your education. The other applicants won’t compare to you.

Job Prospects for MSN Degrees in Alaska

Only 8% of practicing RNs in Alaska have a master’s degree, and many of them are on their way to retirement. Alaska has twice as many nurse practitioners per 100,000 people as most states have, but there is a severe lack of care in rural areas. This is where you are most likely to find work out of college. Nurse practitioners in Alaska are not required to have collaboration with a physician to practice, so you will have a great deal of professional freedom when working in this state. The chance of finding employment here is quite strong.

RN to MSN Program Overview

Most RN to MSN programs in Alaska are available online because of the difficulty people find in going on campus. Whether you go to school online or take classes at a local college, you can expect to spend about two to four years in school full time. During these years, you will come across classes like Advance Nurse Role, Advanced Anatomy and Physiology, Health Assessment, Human Growth and Development, Nursing and Healthcare Trends, Pathophysiology, and Statistics. If you choose to specialize your studies to a certain area of nursing, expect to take several classes related to that concentration.

Once you have your degree in hand, you will need to apply for licensure through the Alaska State Board of Nursing. With their approval, you can begin looking for work in the state. You may also choose to go back to school for a post-master’s certificate, which will give you a chance to specialize after you’ve completed your education. All you will need is a few short classes to earn something like that.

Popular Alaska RN to MSN Programs

As we mentioned above, there are not a lot of campus based nursing colleges in the state of Alaska. Thus you may have to look elsewhere to get your education. Here is an interesting program to explore if you learn best in the classroom:

  • University of Alaska Anchorage: This school features one of the best nursing graduate programs in the state of Alaska. It offers several opportunities for master’s degree students, including tracks for nurse practitioners and nurse educators.

If this is not a good school for you, you will need to start looking for accredited online nursing schools that offer RN to MSN programs in Alaska. These will not be hard to find, so you just need to find one that features a completely online curriculum. Many grad schools will claim to be available online, when in reality, they just offer a few online courses in the midst of their curriculums. Seek out a good school you can count on, and you will be on your way to success.