Rhode Island RN to BSN Programs

Earning a BSN after you already earned your RN certification is not always an easy choice to make. If you are already working in the career that you are going to earn a higher degree for, what is the point in the financial and time investment required? The short answer is that the BSN will allow you to reach higher levels in your field and increase the amount of money you earn over the course of your career. In addition, you will start with a higher wage most of the time and you will have more employment options so you can choose who you wish to work for. There are countless reasons that you should pursue your BSN but it ultimately comes down to a better career trajectory, more money and less time looking for a job.

In Rhode Island, 100 students graduated from medical school in 2011. That number includes any discipline, so only a portion of those graduates entered the field as nurses. As of the same time, just over 12,000 registered nurses were working in Rhode Island which means that you will be an important individual upon graduation. As our population grows and ages, the need for talented registered nurses will continue to grow. With so few graduates the growth will not currently meet the demand. It is not projected to change any time soon either, so even if you are already working as an RN, earning your BSN will allow you to move up the nursing ladder quickly as new inexperienced nurses are going to be entering the field more and more each year.

Income and Employment

You can rest easy in knowing that registered nurses in Rhode Island earn a sizable income. Average wages for RNs in the state are just over $73,000 a year. That number does not take education or experience into account, so earning a BSN and combining it with years of experience will put you at or above that average in very little time.

Roger Williams Medical Center, Hasbro Children’s Hospital, Miriam Hospital, Women and Infants Hospital of Rhode Island in providence, J Arthur Trudeau memorial Center in Warwick, Our Lady of Fatima Hospital in Cranston, Memorial Hospital of Rhode Island in Pawtucket and Butler Hospital in Providence all rank in the top 20 employers regardless of industry in the state. These employers will be fantastic choices for sending resumes as you start to look at employers for your future, or if you want to find a new employer that may offer better tuition assistance as you start working on your BSN.


Many schools will offer unique grants, scholarships and loans to students that attend their institution, but there are two other resources you should tap to get the most assistance towards paying for your education. First, look to the Rhode Island State Nurses Association as a home for all the information, resources and assistance you may need. In addition to helping you become active in your career, education and community, you can find assistance in helping you find the best ways to cover the costs of your education. You will also find resources to help you pick the best colleges and courses to make the most of your future.

One of the best resources for nursing students to find financial assistance towards their education can be found through the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Health Resources and Services Administration web site. With a vast array of loan repayment plans, grants, scholarships and loans, you are sure to find multiple ways to offset some of the expenses that you will incur as you continue your education. The HRSA invests in nursing students because of the dire need of talented medical care providers these days. There simply aren’t enough people entering the field and the attractive options they offer will help some students earn their BSN that otherwise couldn’t. For others, it simple takes some of the stress away and makes the whole process much easier to handle.


St. Joseph School of Nursing at Our Lady of Fatima Hospital

A school that is part of one of the top employers in the state is a perfect way to transition from education to employment in no time at all. The networking that you can find within this school should give you confidence that this is a school worth seriously considering. Offering a three year program leading to a diploma in nursing, graduates are eligible to take the NCLEX-RN. While you will not earn a BSN from this school, it is worth mentioning because of the credit hours that you earn to help you move to a BSN upon completion of the program. You will earn a hospital-based diploma and have more hands on experience than most other schools can offer. While this school will not give you a RN to BSN program, it should be considered as a part of your education if you want to really stand out in the crowd.

The University of Rhode Island College of Nursing

For a traditional RN to BSN program, URISON should fit all of your needs. They will go beyond what you expect with individual attention paid to each student similar to what you would expect from a smaller school. You will also experience the unique clinical environment that is usually only found in a large institution. With plenty of opportunities for cross-discipline work with engineering, psychology, business, nutrition and more, you can create a custom program that lets you focus on what you want to as you earn your degree. You will also find unique courses like thanatology, and the states only Doctor of Nursing Practice program. While you are focused on a BSN right now, if a further education is on the table in your future, this is your one stop university. Simulation labs, “smart classrooms” and traditional and unusual clinical practice settings will prepare you to respond to any type of situation that arises in your daily work as a RN. More focused on inspiring students to identify and solve problems of human health through research, discovery, cross-discipline enterprise and invention than on by the numbers education, URISON is focused on helping you become a unique RN that will lead the charge in the future of nursing.