Ohio RN to BSN Programs

A little information about RN and BSN differences needs to be handled before getting too deep into the details here. You may already work as a RN, but not yet have a BSN. You do not need a BSN to earn the certification that allows you to work as a registered nurse. At the same time a BSN does not give you a “free pass” on certification exams. You still need to take and pass your exams regardless of the level of education you have earned. So when deciding if you want to earn a BSN, you have some specific things to consider. First, a BSN is going to do a great deal of work when it comes to finding a career at the income you want. Employers will hold you in higher regard if you hold a BSN and you should start at a higher average income than you would with a lower level degree. You will also have the ability to move into a master’s program at any time by earning a BSN. Don’t worry too much about that part yet, just consider a few details about working as a RN in Ohio, and you should see the reasons you should strongly consider earning a BSN.

Ohio saw 932 medical school graduates in 2011. While that number seems pretty large compared to other states, keep in mind that the total is a listing of all medical graduates regardless of specialization. Ohio has a great deal of RNs currently working in the state; 125,000 as of 2011. This means that you will face a bit more competition than you would in another state. A bachelor’s of science in nursing is going to go a long way in giving you the edge you need to land a job. While competition in the nursing industry may be more intense, keep in mind that the field is constantly growing and in need of new graduates. Don’t let the high numbers dissuade you, just take the steps you can to make the most of your skills.

Income and Employment

Ohio registered nurses earn an average of $61,000 a year. Considering the fact that Ohio ranks in at #14 (low numbers are good) for cost of living, that income is actually going to go a long way, much farther than it would in other states with a significantly higher cost of living. You will also find that Lima, Toledo and Dayton have the highest percentage of RNs relative to the population, while Columbus, Cincinnati and Youngstown are at the opposite end of that spectrum. You will find the highest average income from Cleveland, Cincinnati and Mansfield. Keep this information in mind as you start to look at employers that may give you entry level work, or could be destinations upon graduation.

Cleveland Clinical Health Systems in Cleveland, Ohio Health Grant Riverside in Columbus, OSU Emergency Services and OSU Hospital in Columbus, Tri Health in Cincinnati and Toledo Hospital in Toledo rank among the top 20 employers in the state regardless of industry. These would be great employers to pursue regardless of where you are in your path to becoming a RN or holding a BSN.


The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Health Resources and Services Administration has a wide range of loan repayment and scholarship options for nursing continuing their education, or those interested in starting their education in the field for the first time. Explore their site to see what type of assistance they offer to help offset the financial investment your education will require.

The Ohio Nurses Association will also have a wide range of resources available to help you make the most of your education and career. You will find advocacy, employment and educational assistance, practice programs and other important tools that will help you make the most out of your time as a nurse.


The Ohio State University College of Nursing

The premier university in the state offers one of the most robust nursing education programs you can find. The College of Nursing is the world’s preeminent college known for accomplishing what is considered impossible through its transformational leadership and innovation in nursing and health, evidence-based practice and unsurpassed wellness. Accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education since 1998, you can enter this education comfortably knowing that you will learn everything you need to to make an impact in the world as you enter the field.

Hondros College

For more than 40 years, this college has helped individuals enter and succeed in the nursing field. Accredited by the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools you can be comfortable in knowing that even though the school you are attending may be a little smaller, your education will be just as valuable as a bigger college.