North Dakota RN to BSN Programs

Before delving into too much specific information about earning a BSN in North Dakota, it is important to first understand why a RN would want a BSN. You do not need a BSN to earn the certification that allows you to work as a RN and you do not immediately qualify to work as a registered nurse upon graduating with a bachelor’s of science in nursing. The reasons that you would pursue a BSN if you are already working as a RN have more to do with the possibilities of higher income, career advancement and more job opportunities. You will also find that by earning a BSN, you put yourself in a position to pursue an even higher level degree at some point in your career. Earning a BSN may not be the right choice for everyone working as a RN, but the benefits that you earn should make you strongly consider this choice at some point in your career.

In North Dakota there were only 55 medical school graduates total last year. Of those 55, only a percentage were nursing graduates, which means that there are plenty of positions left to be filled and not enough new graduates entering the work force. With a total of just under 9,000 registered nurses working in the state, there is a huge need for graduates and earning a BSN is going to put you high on the desirability lists of many employers.

Employment and Income

The annual mean wage for registered nurses in North Dakota is nearly $54,000 a year. To ensure that you enter the field at or above that wage you will want to earn experience and hold a BSN. Employers will look at your education and experience when deciding to hire you and will base your wages off of these factors more than just about anything else.

Bismarck has the highest percentage of registered nurses relative to the population of the city while Fargo ranks at the opposite end of that scale. You will find that the highest average salary can be earned in Grand Forks. Altru Health Systems in Grand Forks, Altru’s Outreach Therapy in Devils Lake, Sandford Children’s Hospital in Fargo, St Alexius Medical Center in Bismarck, Trinity Hospital-Pathology and VA Medical Center in Fargo are among the top 25 employers in the state across all industries. Use this information as a way to help you find where you can put your skills to work and quickly enter the workforce. You may also find plenty of entry level positions that you can take while you work on your degree and many employers will offer some form of tuition assistance.


You will find two key resources when it comes to finding the best way to fund your education. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Health Resources and Services Administration web page will give you plenty of information about scholarships and loan repayment programs that are available to nursing students. The reason the department does so much to help students pay for their education is because of the dire need of medical care that is becoming more and more apparent as our population grows and ages.

You will also want to explore the resources that can be found on the North Dakota Nurses Association web site as they will offer a great deal of information for prospective and current nurses. You will find financial information, refresher courses and other important assistance that will help you make the most of your education and career.


University of North Dakota Nursing and Professional Disciplines

The UND School of Nursing focuses on training the best nursing graduates in the world through a vision of integration of research, teaching, practice and service to meet the global population. In addition, development of critical thinking and intellectual inquiry, education in caring and culturally inclusive environments and nurturance of leadership and professional qualities among the students and faculty. The goal is to serve the state, country and world through teaching, research, creative activities and service. With a beautiful and cutting edge campus, you can’t ask for much more from your education.

You can also find a wide range of schools throughout the state by visiting the North Dakota Board of Nursing site. Here you will find plenty of information that will be relevant as you try to decide what school is best for your goals. The link will directly take you to all colleges in North Dakota that offer a liberal arts and science based bachelor’s degree in nursing.