New Jersey RN to BSN Programs

New Jersey is known for being a party-ridden state, but there is a professional side to it as well. The medical community in NJ is thriving, and there are many nursing jobs available because of that. If you want to get the best jobs possible, you need to make sure you have the right education. An associate’s degree in nursing simply isn’t going to cut it. With that said, you could go through an RN to BSN program in New Jersey to improve your opportunities as a registered nurse. Let’s explore this a little further to see if you might want a bachelor of science in nursing.

Common Courses in New Jersey RN to BSN Programs

You never know what you’ll take in college until you select a school, just because each university is a little different. With that said, there are some classes that are common across the board. New Jersey RN to BSN programs all focus on taking what you already know to the next level. How that happens is entirely dependent on you and your school. Here are some common classes in RN to BSN programs:

  • Maternity and Women’s Health
  • Pharmacology
  • Nursing Leadership in Health Policy
  • Family and Community Nursing
  • Community Assessment
  • Chemistry
  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Introduction to Nursing Research
  • Research in Nursing
  • Senior Clinical Practicum
  • Therapeutic Communication in Health Care

What You Can Do with a BSN in New Jersey

You can see great career expansion when you earn a bachelor of science in nursing, even if you’re happy with where you are now. You can work in specialties you never thought possible, and you can beat out other applicants applying for the same job. You decide what you can do with a BSN in New Jersey. That’s the best part about this degree. In less than two years, your life could change completely.

Specialties and Pay Rates

It is always a good idea to specialize your training because that makes you a more desirable employee. Some people think that’s a bad idea because it limits their job opportunities, but that is not correct. In fact, you’ll have more opportunities with a specialty because you can access jobs no one else has. Here is what your pay may look like after that:

  • Acute Care: $66,371 per year
  • Case Management: $64,341 per year
  • Emergency Room (ER): $61,065 per year
  • Geriatrics: $64,665 per year
  • Intensive Care Unit: $64,838 per year
  • Labor and Delivery: $59,911 per year
  • Medicine / Surgery: $61,224 per year
  • Operating Room: $67,157 per year
  • Pediatrics: $58,511 per year
  • Psychiatric: $60,948 per year

Should You Get a BSN?

You can take classes for New Jersey RN to BSN programs online, so you don’t have to worry about giving up your work. Your studies may actually enhance your skills on the job, giving you a better idea of what nursing is really all about. The more educated you are, the more jobs you’ll be able to do. Your employers will reward you for that. Find a BSN program today so you can take a step toward your future.