Montana RN to BSN Programs

Montana is a huge state with a growing population, and with more people comes a greater demand for the medical community. One of the best ways to get involved with this community is by becoming a nurse. There are many nursing careers to choose from, and some are more profitable than others. Whatever the case may be, you can only go so far with a basic associate’s degree. You might want to shoot for a bachelor of science in nursing instead. Let’s take a look at Montana RN to BSN programs so you can decide if you want to enroll in one.

Common Courses in Montana RN to BSN Programs

Nursing courses vary from one program to the next. Most students will choose a focus to work towards, and their classes will all fit into that focus. For instance, if you specialize in emergency room care, you may take classes related to trauma and critical care nursing. This would be different if you specialized in neonatal care. Here is a list of some common courses you may come across in college:

  • Nursing Leadership in Health Policy
  • Pharmacology
  • Research in Nursing
  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Chemistry
  • Community Assessment
  • Family and Community Nursing
  • Therapeutic Communication in Health Care
  • Senior Clinical Practicum
  • Maternity and Women’s Health
  • Introduction to Nursing Research

What You Can Do with a BSN in Montana

What can you do with a BSN? Just about anything you want. While there are a lot of jobs available in Montana, some of them are hard to get a hold of without proper education. If you want to be a competitive applicant for those jobs, you need to have a bachelor of nursing on hand. A BSN will increase your pay rate and give you a chance to move up in your profession a lot faster. All you need to do is take a couple years of schooling to make that happen.

Specialties and Pay Rates

Specializing in nursing is always a good idea because it gives you access to high-end jobs in the career you really want to have. The specialty you choose will play a large role in your overall pay rate, but most BSN graduates make about the same money per year. Common salaries by specialty include:

  • Acute Care: $66,371 per year
  • Case Management: $64,341 per year
  • Emergency Room (ER): $61,065 per year
  • Geriatrics: $64,665 per year
  • Intensive Care Unit: $64,838 per year
  • Labor and Delivery: $59,911 per year
  • Medicine / Surgery: $61,224 per year
  • Operating Room: $67,157 per year
  • Pediatrics: $58,511 per year
  • Psychiatric: $60,948 per year

Should You Get a BSN?

You are the one who has to decide if a BSN is right for you. If you feel like you’re stuck in a rut with your career, getting a bachelor’s degree may open up new opportunities for you. At the very least, it will give you a better understanding of the work you already do. Check out the online Montana RN to BSN programs available to you and see if one of them could make you happy.