Maine RN to BSN Programs

Maine is home to some amazing hospitals to work in, and the demand for nurses is always high. If you want to start taking better advantage of the opportunities in front of you, you might want to get a bachelor of science in nursing. Maine RN to BSN programs are designed to enhance your education and give you a better feel for what nursing is all about. Having a BSN will get you into better jobs, better hospitals, better locations, and a better life overall. Here is a look at how RN to BSN degrees work so you can decide if you want to get one.

Common Courses in Maine RN to BSN Programs

Every nursing school sets up their curriculum a little differently. Whether you go to nursing school online or in a classroom, you’ll probably come across some of the courses listed below. If you choose to specialize your training, you may encounter more of one type of course than you would another. Here is a list of some popular classes associated with Maine RN to BSN programs:

  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Chemistry
  • Community Assessment
  • Family and Community Nursing
  • Introduction to Nursing Research
  • Maternity and Women’s Health
  • Nursing Leadership in Health Policy
  • Pharmacology
  • Research in Nursing
  • Senior Clinical Practicum
  • Therapeutic Communication in Health Care

What You Can Do with a BSN in Maine

Specialties and Pay Rates

The specialty that you choose to go in will play a big role in determining your job duties and pay rate. Some focuses, like intensive care and emergency room services, require more training and experience than others. Thus they pay more money than general care or pediatrics. Listed below is an overview of the money you can make in different specialties and the types of focuses you can pursue.

  • Acute Care: $66,371 per year
  • Case Management: $64,341 per year
  • Emergency Room (ER): $61,065 per year
  • Geriatrics: $64,665 per year
  • Intensive Care Unit: $64,838 per year
  • Labor and Delivery: $59,911 per year
  • Medicine / Surgery: $61,224 per year
  • Operating Room: $67,157 per year
  • Pediatrics: $58,511 per year
  • Psychiatric: $60,948 per year

Should You Get a BSN?

If you want to get as much out of your nursing career as possible, it may be time for you to get a BSN. You can only go so far with basic RN training, and RN to BSN programs in Maine don’t take long to complete. You might as well take the plunge and commit to your training, even if that means going back to school. Nowadays, you can study nursing online and still manage to uphold your career. The future is waiting for you. It’s up to you to make it worthwhile.