Iowa RN to BSN Programs

If you are already working as a RN you may wonder why you should consider a BSN program, or even why BSN programs would be available for RNs. After all, a BSN does not give you the ability to work as a RN without taking the required NCLEX-RN and passing it. With a diploma program or an associate’s degree, you can take the exam and start working as a RN. Earning a BSN is often done for a number of reasons. First, you’ll be more desirable to employers as they look to fill the open spots within the nursing department. In addition, you can expect a higher income over the course of your career once you hold a BSN. Finally, earning a BSN could be a step towards becoming a nurse practitioner or physician’s assistant. Even if you have no desire to move towards those positions now, if you do in the future, a BSN will put you much closer to completion than if you stuck with your current education.

Iowa is a great state to earn a BSN. While the national average of RNs working per 100,000 people in the population is 874, Iowa is sitting at a healthy 1,085 per 100,000 people in the state. That shouldn’t scare you away from earning a BSN and working as a RN, instead it should give you more reason. As previously mentioned, employers like to see a higher level of education on a resume and a BSN will give you the edge you need to start working very quickly. While the nursing profession is in constant need of new graduates, the job market will be a little more difficult in Iowa. The BSN will help you get past that hurdle and start working very quickly, and likely at a higher starting salary.

You can expect an average income of almost $53,000 a year as a RN in Iowa, but with a BSN you should expect to be higher in those averages. You will likely still start on the low end of the spectrum, but over the course of your career you will surpass that number in short order. Look for employment from University of Iowa Health Care in Iowa City, Blank Children’s Hospital in Des Moines and Genesis Medical Center in Davenport. Each of these employers is ranked amongst the top ten employers in the state across all industries and are more likely to have openings if you are having issues finding work quickly. An entry level position, or a position as a RN if you are already licensed, can give you an edge when it comes to your career due to the experience you start earning so early on, and you may find that they offer tuition assistance as you continue your education.

If you are open to relocation, you will find that the cities with the highest number of RNs relative to the population include Dubuque, Waterloo and Sioux City. On the other end of the spectrum, Des Moines, Davenport and Cedar Rapids have the lowest number of RNs relative to population. You should also expect the highest average salaries from Ames, Des Moines and Cedar Rapids.

Financial Aid

Your education is an investment, but it is rarely easy to cover the costs of your education. Employers are there to help in some ways, but you will find more help from specialized and unique loans, grants and scholarships offered by colleges to their students. In addition, you will find that the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, dedicated to providing health care to all citizens, offers a wide range of loan repayment or forgiveness programs, grants and scholarships to nursing students. Scour their site and talk to them for more information that can help you cover much of your educational expenses.


The University of Iowa College of Nursing

A renowned faculty, tradition of innovative leadership and advanced clinical experiences have led the College of Nursing to find itself ranked as one of the best nursing programs in the nation. Graduates of this esteemed school are sought after as highly skilled professionals that have received a high quality and rigorous education. With a long tradition of producing nursing leaders for practice, education and research, you are sure to set your path in a very positive direction by attending this school.

University of Phoenix Des Moines

Arguably the most popular and esteemed online college in the nation, UoP Des Moines offers you a cutting edge education that can be fit into a busy professionals schedule. With over half a million working adults graduating from the college, you can be comfortable in the fact that the university is there to ensure that you succeed with a wide range of unique and helpful online learning tools. The Des Moines campus will also give you the ability to attend any campus based events and courses that you may need as you further your science based career. Contact the school for a virtual tool of their online learning services and get more information about this innovative way of pursuing your educational goals.