Hawaii RN to BSN Programs

Hawaii is one of the best states you can work as a RN. Before getting too far into the reasons, a little clarity on what a RN and BSN are exactly, and why working RNs would want to pursue a BSN degree. A RN is a registered nurse that is licensed to work in their state, but could have an education level that ranges from a diploma program all the way to a doctorate. A BSN does not give a graduate the ability to practice nursing without passing the NCLEX-RN exam. What a BSN does give graduates is a higher desirability in the workforce, and in many cases, a higher starting and career earning potential. You are also more likely to move up to higher positions if you hold a BSN.

Hawaii is in desperate need of new graduates as they only saw a total of 62 medical school graduates in 2011. Of those 62, an unspecified amount were RNs, so there is not nearly enough growth for the fast growing career in the state. While the U.S. as a whole sees about 874 RNs per 100,000 people in the population, Hawaii only enjoys 743. Even at the national average, there is constant need for well-trained RNs and you should be able to find work very quickly upon graduation.

Expect to earn around $85,000 a year in Hawaii as a RN. This number is an average of RNs with and without a BSN, so expect to reach numbers above that in your career if you hold a BSN. Some of the top employers that should be considered are Altres Medical in Honolulu, Kapiolani Medical Center in Honolulu, and St. Francis Healthcare System in Ewa Beach which all rank in the top 20 employers in the state across all industries.


Paying for a BSN will rarely be easy, but employers may have some form of financial assistance available to employees. You will also find a wealth of information at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Resources. They are there to promote a healthy nation and will invest as much as possible into students aiming to assist in this field. You will find loan repayment and forgiveness options, scholarships and grants available on the site, so make sure to spend time researching your options from the HRSA. Finally, individual schools will offer unique loans, scholarships and grants and learning about these should be a part of the information you obtain from your tour of the learning institutes campus.


University of Hawaii at Manoa School of Nursing and Dental Hygiene

The University of Hawaii at Monoa SONDH offers the most complete and respected education in Hawaii. You will find that the university focuses on research and improving health through education and service. You will find instructional, clinical and research activities that will enhance your education and prepare you to serve the diverse populations in the State of Hawaii and the Asia-Pacific region. With less than 400 nursing students currently enrolled, you can be sure that your education will be a personal one. Located in Honolulu, you will be surrounded by some of the most beautiful and welcoming surroundings of any college campus in the nation.