Ohio LPN to RN Programs

Registered nursing is experiencing an alarming amount of growth as a career path. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, this growth is expected to continue through 2020 at the least. All of this growth is due to the boom in our population and the advancing age of a large portion of it. More health care needs requires more talented and well-educated individuals. Registered nurses make up the backbone of the health care industry, and as a LPN you can earn your degree in less than two years. Once you enter the field as a registered nurse you can expect a higher income, more job opportunities and plenty of advancement throughout your career.

With less than 125,000 registered nurses working in Ohio, there is a severe shortage of those able to provide the basic health care that so many residents need. The average income for a RN in the state is $61,000 a year, so earning a degree now will put you in a position to significantly increase your income in a very short amount of time. Your income will be based, in a large part, on your experience and education. You are already able to gain significant and relevant experience as a LPN, but balancing a work and school schedule can be extremely daunting.

An online degree program will give you the ability to learn on your schedule. You won’t need to focus on specific classroom meeting times and the system through which you learn is designed to be easy to understand for anyone, regardless of their expertise with a computer. At the start of a semester you will find a calendar for each class that lists the due dates for graded work for the course. As long as you are submitting the work on or before that date, you decide when and how you wish to study. Many students combine online and campus based courses to ensure that they meet the schedules they need specifically. You will also find that discussions are available online and can last for weeks at times through a message board. Finally, your instructor is easily accessible through email, a campus visit or over the phone. The material you cover is no different online or on campus, the biggest difference is in the scheduling of your education.

Throughout your education and you career you will want to find a group that ensures you have a voice in your industry. There is no better place to look than the Ohio Nurses Association. With advocacy, collective bargaining, plenty of educational and other resources, you will find plenty to gain by becoming part of the ONA. Another advantage comes from the fact that students and those early in their career will have access to established nurses and can learn from their experiences. In time, you will be able to share your experiences with others that are just starting their journey. Full information can be found here.

Paying for Your Education

While an education is essential to make a better future for yourself, it comes with a significant financial investment that may seem very difficult to handle. Entering the health care industry puts you in a position to find plenty of financial aid from multiple sources. Your employer will likely offer benefits such as tuition assistance or reimbursement, so start by exploring those options. You will also find that many colleges offer unique loans, scholarships, grants and other forms of financial aid to students that enroll in their courses. Keep this at the top of your questions to ask as you explore different learning institutions.

With the dire need of registered nurses on the rise, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services is doing its part to ensure that students have a way to attend school on any budget. Scholarships, loans and loan repayment plans ensure that you have the ability to cover the costs of your education in a significant way. The loan repayment programs are especially important. Upon completion of a two year commitment to an area underserved in health care, the HRSA will reward you with a large payment towards your student debts. The experience you gain at this time will also be highly respected by future employers. Explore these options here.


Covering every program throughout Ohio would be impossible in the space available for this article. The goal here is to help you understand why a move from a LPN to RN position is important and to give you some advice as you start to explore colleges. The best way to find the programs in state is to explore the Ohio Board of Nursing site. A full listing of all programs in the state is available, but remember that the information is relevant to Ohio only. Nationally recognized online colleges are listed with this article to help you out as you start looking at out of state colleges. Don’t settle on something in your state if you aren’t happy with your options. This first step is important, so make sure you do the necessary research to take it confidently.