North Dakota LPN to RN Programs

As our population grows and ages, the need for health care continues to rise as well. Registered nursing has experienced significant growth over the years and it is expected to continue to be the fastest growing career path through 2020 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. As a LPN you will be able to earn a higher income, by a significant margin, experience more job opportunities and find advancement in your career significantly faster. You can also expect to earn your degree in one or two years depending on what level of degree you pursue. Studying to enter the health care field also qualifies you for plenty of additional funding through multiple sources.

There are less than 9,000 registered nurses currently working in North Dakota. That number is far from what is needed to support the population of the state. With an average income of $53,000 a year, you can expect to earn a significant wage due to your increased skills and knowledge. To ensure you earn the highest possible starting income, and grow throughout your career, experience and education will be key. Scheduling is the issue that arises for most students, causing them to push their education back further and further. A full time job and a full time education can be daunting to balance, but there are some options that can make this challenge significantly easier to overcome.

An online degree program will make the need to balance your schedules significantly easier. Instead of attending campus at a specific time for your courses, you simply study on your own schedule. As you start your online courses you will find a schedule that lists due dates for graded and non-graded work. As long as the graded work is submitted on time, you decide when and how to study and prepare it. You also have full access to your instructor through email, phone calls, or visiting the campus. Some students even mix online and campus based courses as their schedule allows. Discussions, a very important part of any college degree, are handled through a message board system for your class. These discussions can last for days or weeks, so you will still experience the full classroom style of learning, on your schedule, from the comfort of your home.

Throughout your education and your career, you will want to find allies that help you share your voice when it comes to your career path. Ensuring that nurses have the best work environment possible will make it easier for patients to receive the care they deserve. The North Dakota Nurses Association will be that key ally. You will also find plenty of assistance from nurses that have worked in the field for years and they can share their experience with you as you start your journey. In time you will share your experience with new students as they start down their own path. For more information visit the NDNA website.

Paying for an Education

A college education is a significant investment in your future. You will need to cover heavy financial costs throughout the year or two that you are in school, but you will also find that those entering a health care degree program will qualify for plenty of assistance. Your employer should have plenty of info on benefits such as tuition assistance or reimbursement as well as a full time position as a RN upon graduation and licensure. Colleges also offer unique loans, scholarships, grants and other forms of financial aids that are specific to students attending their courses. Make sure you explore these options as you start looking for the right college.

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services is also doing what it can to help overcome the significant shortage of registered nurses. With loan repayment programs, scholarships and loans offered through this website, you can find plenty of assistance in covering the cost of your education. Don’t skim over the loan repayment options, they are very important and will help you in a significant way. Upon completion of a two year commitment to an underserved area, you will earn a significant payment towards your student debt. You will also earn experience that is highly valued by employers.


Listing each college that offers a degree program in the state would take up more room than available for this article. Instead, visit the North Dakota Board of Nursing as they list each school that is offering board approved programs of nursing. Keep in mind that this list only includes the programs offered in North Dakota, so exploring your other options for out of state or large national online degree programs should still be done. Some of those schools have been listed with this article. There is no one perfect school for everyone, so research will be key to ensure you find the right school for you. The first step of your journey will be the hardest, but the path to becoming a registered nurse will be short. Do ample research now and the rewards will be worth the time before you know it.