New York LPN to RN Programs

Earning a degree as a RN will take you less than two years as a current LPN. Upon graduation and licensure you will earn a significantly higher income, find more job opportunities and enjoy a great advantage in career advancement. The registered nursing field is experiencing the highest job growth currently available and according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics that trend should continue through 2020 at the least. This is all due to the growth and advancing age of our population. With more people entering the world and not enough students pursuing a registered nursing degree, the need for talented registered nurses is becoming increasingly dire.

There are just over 175,000 registered nurses working in New York State which is entirely too low to support the need of the population. While registered nurses earn an average income of $74,000 a year, there are not enough students pursuing the degree to meet the demand. Experience, education, location, employer and a number of other factors will contribute to your starting pay and how quickly you move to higher tiers of income. The key factors are experience and education but finding a way to have a personal life while juggling a busy school and work schedule can be overwhelming to say the least. Fortunately, there are a number of options that will help you overcome this hurdle.

Online degree programs have become increasingly popular throughout the years. With the increased numbers of online students, the need to simplify the tools used online has been a focus. Today, as long as you know how to use a word processor and surf the internet, you will have the required skills to become a successful online student. Students can choose to take online courses exclusively, or combine online and campus based educations as they see fit. You only need to focus on due dates for graded work in your courses as far as scheduling is concerned. As long as you submit your graded work on time, you decide when you study. Your instructor is never farther than a phone call, email or campus visit away and interaction with students in your class is handled through a message board system designed to handle large discussions and quick questions alike.

Becoming a leader in your industry may or may not be a key goal. Either way, finding others that share desires and the experience that you do will be important throughout your education and career. The New York State Nurses Association is the perfect group to represent nurses throughout the state. You have the ability to enter the NYSNA as soon as you like and in time you can become a major voice if that is your goal. Nurses that are established in their career will be able to offer advice as you start your path and in turn you will eventually be able to guide other students as they begin their careers. Full information can be found here.

Paying for and Going to College

The financial investment required for a formal education can often drive potential students away from pursuing their true goals. While there is no easy way to reduce the overall cost of an education, there are ways to reduce the amount that you need to pay out of pocket. Looking to your employer to explore education benefits such as tuition assistance or reimbursement is a great place to start. You will also find that schools offer unique financial aid to their students such as loans, scholarships or grants. Explore these options specifically as you start to research colleges that you are most interested in.

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services is also doing what it can to ensure that students have the financial assistance that they need to pursue a degree. With scholarships, loans and loan repayment options offered, you are sure to find plenty of assistance when you need it most. Pay special attention to the loan repayment programs as they offer a two year commitment to an underserved area with a large payment towards your student debt upon completion. The experience is also highly valued by employers and may help you find the perfect job upon completion. More information can be found through their website.

Finding the right educational program will not be as easy as picking a school and starting. You will need to explore multiple colleges and programs to find the right one for you. The NYSED has a full listing of nursing programs throughout the state as well as a number of important financial aid offers. Scholarships, grants and loans are offered through the site and plenty of statistics are listed to help you make the most of your research. You can find all the information through their website. Keep in mind that all of the information found through the site is targeted at New York State schools. Other, nationally recognized online colleges offer programs as well. Additional research will be required to make sure you explore those options in detail, but a number of schools have been listed with this article to help you get started in your research. You already have an idea of what registered nursing will be like through your work as a LPN, and in one to two years you can become licensed to work in the field. You have to take this first step to start your journey, but the rewards are immense and there are plenty of individuals throughout your community that will need your assistance.