New Mexico LPN to RN Programs

As a LPN you are likely aware of the increased need for health care professionals. Our population is growing and aging and this is leading to an extremely high demand for those able to support a population as it tries to gain access to even the most basic health care. Many individuals are having significant trouble when it comes to finding any health care at all due to the shortage of registered nurses throughout the state and even the country. In less than two years you can enter the field as a registered nurse and you will earn a higher income and find many more job opportunities. The Bureau of Labor Statistics forecasts registered nursing to be the fastest growing career field throughout 2020.

With around 15,000 registered nurses trying to support the population of New Mexico, the crunch being felt by all is clear. Registered nurses earn an average income of almost $67,000 a year, but even that number is not bringing enough students to degree programs to prepare for the career. Experience and education are the two key factors that will have the most significant impact on the jobs you qualify for and how much income you can expect. The issue often arises that students are not able to balance a full time job and a busy work schedule, much less so when they try to find some personal time for themselves. There is a way to make sure you can balance all of this ensuring that you gain the experience you need to make a significant impact in your career.

By exploring your options to gain a degree online, you will quickly find that the easiest way to juggle your schedule is by attending online programs. Many colleges, locally and nationally, offer online degree programs and some students combine their online and campus based courses into one program. You only need to focus on due dates in your online program and there are no scheduled courses to attend. This means you can study any time you like. You still earn the full college experience. Discussions are held in the classroom through a message board and your instructor is always a phone call, email or campus visit away. You won’t need to be a computer guru to succeed either, just understand word processors and how to surf the web and you will be a success.

Nurses work together throughout the country to speak with one voice and ensure their career is well represented. By doing this, they ensure they are able to provide the health care that their community deserves. The New Mexico Nurses Association is a perfect place to start making your voice heard and it will be an important ally throughout your education and career. Nurses that are established will ensure that you have the advice you need to succeed and in time you will share your experience with students that are starting their own education. Visit the NMNA site for more information about how to join and what benefits you can expect.

Paying for an Education

There is no shortcut to overcoming the investment required for a college education. The expenses have only gone up over the years, so understanding your financial aid options will be important. Start with your employer. The benefits package that you earn may include tuition assistance or reimbursement. You can also explore the options through the colleges that you are researching. Each one should offer unique loans, scholarships or grants that others will not offer. Ensure that you are asking about these benefits so you can find the ones that work best for you.

As the need for registered nurses continues to grow, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has ensured that students have options towards their educational expenses. With loans, scholarships and loan repayment programs offered to students, you are sure to find plenty of assistance with the cost of your education. The loan repayment programs are the most important to focus on as they reward you with a large payment towards you student debt. All you need to do to earn this reward is complete a two year commitment to an underserved area in the health care industry. The education you earn through this path will ensure that you are a desirable candidate for employment. More information can be found here.

Researching Colleges

There is no particular school that is perfect for every student. Finding the right one for you will require significant research and plenty of time talking to individual schools. The New Mexico Board of Nursing has a website that will give you plenty of information about the nursing programs offered in the state. For schools not located in the state you will need to continue your education. Some examples have been listed with this article. The key is to focus on what you want out of an education and pursue a college that meets as many criteria as possible. This is the start of your career and making the right choice to prepare you for your future is important. Spend enough time and you won’t regret the choice that you made.