New Hampshire LPN to RN Programs

The registered nursing career path is experience a significant amount of growth due to the increase and advancing age of our population. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the career path is expected to be the fastest growing choice for students through 2020. Entering the field will take you less than two years since you are already working as a LPN. Upon graduation and licensure you will see a significantly higher income, more job opportunities and plenty of room for educational and career advancement. It all starts with your education, so finding the best way to start in college should be your current focus.

With less than 14,000 registered nurses currently supporting the population of New Hampshire, employers are scrambling to fill their ranks. This allows them to provide quality health care to a significant portion of the population but there is still a ton of room to add new graduates. With an average income of $64,000 a year, registered nurses enjoy a healthy salary as a reward for their hard work and education. Your experience and education will be key in starting off at a higher salary and growing quickly throughout your career. You may wonder how you will balance a personal life, busy work schedule and full time education, but with online degree programs or online courses you can juggle all of these requirements with relative ease.

With the popularity of online degree programs, a significant amount of work has gone into making the online learning tools even easier to use. As long as you can surf the internet and use a word processor like notepad or MS Word, you have all the tools and abilities required to be successful online. Your education will be the same, but how you learn will differ. At the start of a semester you are given a calendar specific to each course. Due dates are listed for graded work and suggested dates are listed to help you keep up with the lesson plans. As long as your graded work is submitted on time, you decide when and how you will study. Night, morning, or lunch can be used to sneak in a little text book study and if you have questions your instructor is only a phone call, email or campus visit away. Some students mix campus based courses with online courses, others attend school purely online. You will have to experiment to find what is right for you, but the freedom to schedule your studies daily will be a significant boon to your sanity.

Throughout your education and your career you will want to work with other registered nurses to ensure that the career is represented fairly in the state. Doing this ensures that those in the industry have the ability to do the job to the best of their ability and reap the rewards they deserve so they can live a comfortable life. The New Hampshire Nurses Association is a perfect ally throughout your entire education and career and you should start exploring the benefits and how you can help through their site.

Paying for an Education

While the investment in your education is necessary, it is rarely easy to cover. You will need to turn to multiple sources to ensure you reduce your out of pocket expenses as much as possible. Entering the health care field opens a significant supply of assistance due to the desperate need of professionals in the field. Your employer may offer benefits such as tuition reimbursement or assistance as well as placement in a registered nursing position upon graduation and licensure. Explore these options first. Colleges also offer unique loans, scholarships, grants and other financial assistance to students that attend their courses and should be an important question that you broach with each college interview.

You will also want to explore the offers put forth by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. With loan repayment plans, scholarships and loans offered to health care students, you are sure to find ways that will help you with your finances in a significant ways. Upon graduation and licensure you can even earn a significant payment towards your student debt upon completion of a two year commitment to an underserved area through the loan repayment programs. The experience will be highly valued by employers so start learning more through the HRSA site.


This article is designed to help you get started in your education and understand where you can go with your career. It is not here to tell you what school to pick. That will require you to do plenty of research on schools throughout the state and country. For schools within New Hampshire, explore the list on the New Hampshire Board of Nursing website. This list will ensure that you have full access to all levels of education in the state through all approved programs. The rest of the country offers plenty of well-respected online colleges (a few of which are listed with this article for reference) but should also not be your only consideration. Explore your options and you will find the right school for you.