Nevada LPN to RN Programs

Registered nurses are experiencing a huge jump in job growth currently. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics this growth is expected to continue until, at least, 2020 with the likelihood of growth beyond that time. The growth is due primarily to the increase in our population and the advancing age of many of our citizens. With this comes a need for advanced health care and many individuals have no access to even the most basic health care. You can enter the field in less than two years depending on your desired level of education and upon graduation and licensure you will earn a significantly higher income, better job prospects and faster career advancement. As a LPN you already have an advantage against other students entering this degree program, but don’t put off your education any longer to ensure you enter the industry while you are needed most.

With less than 17,000 registered nurses working in Nevada, the need for additional RNs is a desperate need that employers are doing everything they can to overcome. Registered nurses in Nevada earn an average income of almost $78,000 a year based on experience, employer, location and education. Experience and education will be key factors in your starting pay and career advancement, but finding a way to balance your personal life, work schedule and busy school schedule can be a daunting hurdle to overcome.

Online degree programs are the perfect way to juggle all of your responsibilities without making a significant change to your current schedule. Due dates for graded work are the only required date that you need to meet through an online course. Outside of those requirements, you decide when and how to study. You won’t find any scheduled class meetings and all of the normal study materials are provided through audio, video or text file downloads. Your instructor is simply a phone call, email or campus visit away, so you won’t be left out on your own if you get stuck. Your online campus and courses are nothing more than a series of well-planned out webpages, so the fact that you are reading this article means that you already have the required talents needed to be successful online. Some students even balance online and campus based courses to make sure they earn their degree in the way that works best for them.

Throughout your education and career, you will want to work with others to ensure your industry is well represented and cared for. Your voice alone will often not be enough to make the changes necessary to push your industry in the right direction for nurses and patients. Joining the Nevada Nurses Association ensures that you combine your voice with others to make things happen in the way they need to. You won’t just work on legislation though; resources for continued education, education and other important aspects of your career will be provided through the NNA as well. Networking will be easy and experienced nurses will be able to share their knowledge with you as you start your education and career. In time you will share you own knowledge with students pursuing their own career. More information can be found here.

Paying for College

Paying for an education is never easy or fun. It is simply a requirement that you invest in your future. With the demand for registered nurses in the health care industry, this is a safe investment, but you can find plenty of assistance in covering the costs. Your employer likely offers tuition assistance or reimbursement as part of their benefits package and you will likely find a permanent position upon graduation and licensure as a registered nurse. You can also turn to colleges that offer unique loans, scholarships, grants and other forms of financial aid to students enrolled in their courses to overcome some of your debt.

The key resource to focus on is the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Their goal is to empower students to earn a degree on any income. With loans, scholarships and loan repayment plans offered, you are sure to find plenty of ways to lessen your financial burden. The loan repayment plans are especially important. These plans offer a large payment towards your student debt after you complete a two year commitment to an underserved area in the health care field. The experience will be highly valued and you can get started by following this link.

Finding the Right College

Finding a college will not be as simple as making one phone call. Talk to other nurses and do your own research to find out what schools are well respected. You will find a full listing of approved nursing programs in Nevada through the Nevada State Board of Nursing website. Their site only covers programs in state, so explore those online colleges that offer programs nationally as well. For your convenience a few examples have been listed with this article. Don’t hesitate to call every single school until you find the right one for you. There isn’t a right school to pick for every students, but there will be a perfect school for your particular goals.