Nebraska LPN to RN Programs

Entering the health care field is one of the wisest decisions you can make. As a LPN you are already making a difference in the industry, but in less than two years you can enter the field as a registered nurse. As the fastest growing career path, registered nurses are experiencing plenty of benefits throughout the state and the country. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that this growth will continue through 2020 at the least. This is primarily due to the increase in our population and the advancing age of a large portion of individuals. Once you graduate and become licensed you will enjoy a significantly higher income, better job prospects and more significant career advancement.

There are less than 20,000 registered nurses currently trying to support the entire population of Nebraska. This number is far from what is needed to support individuals throughout the state. With an average income of over $56,000 a year, registered nurses are highly rewarded for their selfless dedication to the well-being of their community. Education and experience play a key role in your starting pay and how quickly you advance up the pay scale, so make sure you have plan to balance your personal life, work schedule and a busy college schedule.

Online courses can be the perfect answer to overcoming the scheduling conflicts that often arise as you enter a college degree program. As long as you are comfortable with browsing the internet and working with a word processor you have the technical skills required to succeed in these courses. Your only scheduling requirement comes in the form of due dates for graded work. As long as your work is submitted on or before these dates, you decide when you wish to study. Study materials are provided in the form of a video, audio or text format to ensure that you have access to all the tools you would in the classroom. You will also have access to your instructor through phone calls, email or campus visits. Many students combine online and campus based courses as they see fit. You will even participate in classroom discussions through an online message board. These discussions can last days or weeks, often leading to a more impactful and though provoking conversation that a traditional campus based classroom could provide.

There is constant struggle to make sure health care professionals are well represented in the workforce. Ensuring that working conditions are fair so that registered nurses can provide the best health care possible is always a focus of nursing associations. You will find a significant ally in the Nebraska Nurses Association and lending your voice to their organization will ensure that you can become a leader in the field, or a supporter, depending on where you want to fall. You will also find plenty of networking opportunities making membership in the NNA a no brainer. Full information can be found through their website.

Investing in Education

Just like any investment, education is one that you hope will pay off. Fortunately, entering the health care industry as a registered nurse is about the safest investment you could make. That doesn’t reduce the stress that comes with finding a way to pay for your education, so look to the following sources as a great way to pay for your education.

Your employer should offer some form of tuition assistance or reimbursement as part of their benefits package. You will likely find that a registered nursing position will be available once you complete your education. Colleges also offer unique financial aid options like scholarships, loans and grants, so make sure you discuss these offering with potential educational institutions. Finally, explore the options offered by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. With loans, scholarships and loan repayment options on the table, you are sure to find plenty of financial assistance. Pay special attention to the loan repayment programs as they help the community in a significant way. You will earn a large payment towards your student debt in return for a two year commitment to an area that is underserved by health care. This experience is highly valuable in the work force, so start your research through the HRSA website now.

Finding the Perfect Educational Institution

Every student has a specific vision for what their college will offer. No college is perfect for all students, so spending a significant amount of time researching your options will be key. The Nebraska Board of Nursing has a current list of all colleges and institutions that offer programs at multiple levels of the registered nursing path. Explore the options found here, but remember that these are only in-state schools. To explore you full options, explore schools that are nationally recognized that may have satellite campuses in your area. Some of these online schools are listed with this article to help you get started. Don’t hesitate to explore every single school you find. The prep work you do now will make the rest of your journey significantly easier.